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Immigration is probably one of the most vital decisions you will ever make in your life and First Step Education and Immigration Consultancy strives to make that process as hassle-free as possible for you. We offer you the most credible and accurate advice regarding the entire immigration process and help you plan your transition to a new way of life carefully, patiently and knowledgeably. In order to assist you in the most competent manner, we constantly monitor immigration laws and regulations and are abreast of any changes that might affect our clients’ business, employees, or individual applications. The constant monitoring helps us in possessing the information and capability that can make immigration application easier for our current as well as future clients, and ensure the best possible application result. Immigration procedures can be complicated, expensive and success can be tricky to achieve. However, with us taking care of all your immigration needs, we make it our mission to eradicate the usual stress and make it a hassle-free, smooth and enjoyable immigration experience for you. From prior evaluation to gaining maximum points, sponsorships, work visas, documentation etc. - our team of highly skilled and experienced Visa consultants, are going to be with you at every step along the way and prepare you for a successful immigration.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to work relentlessly and open the door of opportunities for people to lead a content life. We promote the upgradation and education of mankind with the development of the highest degree of creative thoughts, that can contribute constructively to global needs.

Our Vision

We aspire to become an integral consulting company, for people to turn to regarding their immigration, education, career and professional development needs. Our aim is to migrate 25 thousand immigrants abroad - a vision that we serve with dedicated efforts and a driven, industrious team that always walks the extra mile for our clients.