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    Ensuring Your Documents are Verified and Authentic

    Obtaining an attestation stamp from any embassy for another country is a formal process that will prove the document’s authenticity. The certification of papers required to conduct business abroad or apply for a visa is known as attestation. It is necessary because it will recognize you as a respectable person. The relevant documents need to be checked at various levels of government before the document can be attested. Only those who are considered legal may attest to the papers.

    For the UK, when individuals travel internationally for business or immigration reasons, authenticated papers are frequently needed. Authorities can be confident that these personal or business papers are real by verifying them by the nation’s embassy in the UK.

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    Quickest visa approval within 3 months

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    Attestation procedure for Canada

    The indirect procedure for Canada attestation is completed by various levels of the government. On January 1st, 2019, the Ministry of External Affairs dispersed it to the neighbourhood RPOs and branch secretariats. The registrar, SHD or HRD, the MEA, the Embassy, and occasionally the SDM must all certify it. The steps are detailed below:

    Regional Level: It is the first step in the certificate legalization procedure. According to the requirements, the notary, the university where the documents were issued, or, in the case of business documents, the Chamber of Commerce, may complete this step of legalization.

    State Government: According to the requirements of the document type, three separate departments authenticate state certificates. The State Home Department (SHD), Human Resource Department (HRD), and Sub-Divisional Magistrate are these agencies. (SDM). Even though SDM is autonomous from the state government, this body’s legalization work is considered at the state level.

    MEA Stamp: After receiving final approval from the domestic government, documents are stamped with the MEA, or Ministry of External Affairs, seal. MEA is the main division handling the nation’s foreign affairs.

    Embassy Attestation: The officials of the nation for which the papers are being certified conduct it. Usually, it comes under the Ministry of External Affairs as the end stage of certification in most countries.

    Our Work Process

    Step 1

    Evaluation of profile

    Step 2

    Attestation of the documents

    Step 3

    Reviewal of the file, immigration process with post-landing services

    Attestation of Personal documents

    Personal document authentication is the process of attesting personal papers, and personal document authentication for Canada or the country you are willing to immigrate to is thus the process of personal document certification for different countries. This type of authentication entails the legalization of papers used in the normal process of obtaining a residential visa, as well as in the process of obtaining a student or work visa.

    Attestation procedure for Canada

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