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    Australia offers a rich array of experiences, making it a top destination for travellers. Securing a Visitor Visa (subclass 600) is your ticket to exploring this vibrant country. Whether you’re planning to apply for an Australia visa for parents visiting or a leisurely holiday, understanding the visa process is crucial.  As esteemed Australia visitor visa consultants in Ahmedabad, we specialise in navigating this process. Our expert team provides comprehensive guidance, ensuring your visa journey is seamless and free from complications, allowing you to focus on planning your Australian adventure.

    What Our Clients Say About Australian Visas for Families

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    Thanks to First Step, I could help my parents apply for their Australia visas. The team was incredibly understanding and efficient, making sure every detail was handled perfectly.

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    Planning a trip to Australia was exciting but the visa process seemed daunting. First Step Immigration not only provided excellent guidance but also ensured a quick approval of my Australia travel visa. Their professionalism is commendable. 

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    I wanted a hassle-free experience for my Australia visitor visa and that’s exactly what I got with First Step. Their team is knowledgeable and very approachable, making them the best visa agent around.

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    Essential Information for Securing an Australian Visitor Visa

    There are many visitor visas in Australia, each catering to different travel needs. The Electronic Travel Authority (subclass 601) and eVisitor (subclass 651) visas allow for multiple short stays for tourists or business visitors.  The Visitor visa (subclass 600) is ideal for longer stays involving tourism or family visits. The Subclass 600 visa offers two main options: the Tourist Stream and the Sponsored Family Stream.

    With the Tourist Stream, you can stay in Australia for up to 12 months, and it is ideal for those visiting family or friends or simply exploring the country. On the other hand, the Sponsored Family Stream is perfect for those with family or partners in Australia, offering a stay of up to 3 months.  From choosing the right visa stream to compiling the necessary documentation, your most trusted Australia visitor visa agent is here to ensure a hassle free journey to your Australian adventure.

    Important Considerations for Australia Visitor Visa Applicants    

    • Depending on your travel plans and application details, we can assist in securing a visa that permits a stay of either 3, 6, or 12 months,
    • The visa process typically takes around 20-25 days, depending on your circumstances and the volume of applications.
    • You can bring your family, including children, to join you on your Australian visit.

    Eligibility Requirements for an Australian Visitor Visa

    To be eligible for an Australian Visitor Visa, applicants must fulfil a number of requirements. Here’s a complete summary of everything you need to know.

    • Genuine Temporary Entrant: Applicants must show a genuine desire to remain temporarily. This involves giving proof of links to their home country, such as work, property, or family, to assure their return after the stay.
    • Financial Requirements:It is necessary to show the financial capacity to sustain the visit without having to look for work in Australia. This might be shown by bank records, financial commitments, or support from a host in Australia.
    • Health and Character Requirements:Applicants must fulfil specific health criteria, which may include a medical examination depending on the duration of their stay or place of origin. A police clearance certificate may also be required to assess the applicant’s background.
    • Insurance and Accommodation:While not necessarily required, obtaining health insurance for the length of your visit is suggested. In addition, applicants must produce evidence of accommodation or an invitation letter from their host in Australia.
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    How First Step Immigration Simplifies Your Australian Visa Process

    First Step Immigration is as your most trusted Australia visitor visa consultant in Ahmedabad, simplifying the visa application process by guiding you through eligibility checks and document preparation. Our end-to-end support extends to scheduling necessary appointments, ensuring all paperwork is accurately completed, and advising on compliance with Australian immigration laws. Trust First Step Immigration to enhance your chances of a smooth and successful visa application. Contact us today to begin your journey to Australia with confidence.

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