Streamlining Your Canadian Permanent Residency Application

India has a long-standing relationship with Canada. We have a huge diaspora in Canada, so, it will never be an exaggeration to call Canada a mini India. Canada has way advanced education system and common lifestyle, which has been attracting many for PR. So, a frequently asked question is whether we can apply for PR in Canada from India?

Yes! You can apply for PR in Canada from India. Canada’s top immigration source country is India and Canada has been the preferred location for many in the IT and ITES industry.

Reasons to Immigrate to Canada

  • It has one of the most relaxed and flexible immigration requirements around the globe. It has been relaxing several norms related to immigration since years.
  • Canada’s total immigration limit is pretty high, which can accommodate a lot of immigrants from India.
  • Canada’s immigration system, Express Entry Immigration system is one of the fastest and requires a lower score in comparison with its other counterparts.

Requirements for Canada PR

  • The language proficiency test is compulsory for obtaining PR in Canada. IELTS is a famous English proficiency tests.
  • You need to get Educational Credential Assessment from WES or any other authority to verify your qualifications obtained in India.

How to Apply?

Well, there are lot many ways to apply for PR in Canada among which the express entry system is the comfortable one. It’s a general point-based immigration system in Canada. Below are the steps to apply for PR in Canada.

  1. You need to get all the essential documents to apply through express entry system.
  2. IELTS score or score from any other relevant proficiency test.
  3. Educational Credential Assessment obtained to show your educational qualifications.
  4. You need to register in the Federal Express Entry system and need to have 67 points.
  5. If you are selected on the basis of your CRS score, you will get ITA for Canada PR.
  6. Then, within 90 days of receipt, you need to apply for the visa.