The Canadian Experience: Beyond Just Residency

Statistics states that Canada is one of the prosperous and best countries to live in the world. Not just the geographical locations but its progressive economy offers a lot of opportunities to people from various industry. Right now, Canada has a huge demand for educated and experienced professionals who are peeping to broaden their spectrum for more opportunities in terms of learning, posts and monetary benefits and are actively looking to contribute their part in their respective fields. If you are thinking to move to Canada and taking advantage of its excellent opportunities, then there is no better time than NOW.

The Canada residency on its state of permanent (Canada PR) offers many mutual benefits to the potential residence, be it the family or an individual. It is the right time to give yourself and your family the privilege of living in one of the best countries of the world, Canada- which is a huge nation with a very large economic sector and is expected to witness its rapid expansion all through the following decade. To help you decide whether moving to Canada will be a good fit for you, we have complied a list of all the reasons why you should seriously consider making your Canada PR application, this year.

  • Free Healthcare: Canada offer complete free healthcare benefits to all its citizens and PR Residents. This is one of the foremost reasons why Canada is better than even the US, where free healthcare seems a distant dream. Free healthcare deems to not spend any money for the world-class healthcare treatment. As soon as you become the official PR resident of Canada, you can access the best public healthcare system of the world with precise research and practical application. The gem of the benefit is, that it includes all your family members.
  • Free Education: Canada offers free education till graduation to all its citizens and PR’s. This states that your kid gets a kickstart in life by enrolling in one of the best education systems of the world. You don’t have to fret or bound your kids for quality education and can invest the same for quality business start for them.
  • Flexible Residency: Canada offers the most flexible residency. The tenure to maintain the Canadian permanent residency subsides for at least 730 days (2 years) of any 5-year period that is physically spent in the country.

What Canadian PR’s can do

  • Get the social benefits that any Canadian citizen receive; inclusion of healthcare, education and other social applications.
  • Can even apply for Canadian citizenship.
  • Protection and Rights under Canadian law.

What Canadian PR’s cannot do

  • Vote or run for political office.
  • Hold national-security level jobs.

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