Every Step Detailed for Your Immigration Success

One of the best and fastest immigration programs for individuals who want to settle down in Canada, Canadian Express Entry is the 'it' program to apply to. Extremely popular and in demand nowadays, for most of the people who are looking to get permanent residency benefits it is recommended for a majority of skilled professionals as well as international students. So to tell you more about how you can guarantee yourself PR rights, here is a step-by-step breakdown of how to apply for the Canada Express Entry process:

  1. First and foremost you need to meet the English language requirement, that means you have to get a good score in the IELTS examinations. You will have to forward the test results to your immigration authority, it acts as a concrete proof that you are proficient in the language. If additionally, you are also conversant in French, you can appear for the language test which can help you in improving your overall ranking.
  2. Creating an Express Entry profile is mandatory, and make sure that you are fulfilling all criteria since this is going to be a part of your online immigration.
  3. We have earlier talked about CRS or comprehensive ranking score being another way of enhancing your CRS score and claiming additional 150 points is if you complete your ECA or Education Credentials Assessment to make it compatible with the education courses run in Canada. Be sure to complete your course at the earliest.
  4. Another advantage that you can get is if you apply for a different PNP or provincial nomination programs as a lot of Canada's provinces manage these programs. If you are selected for this program you have to make sure that you secure at least 600 points that will become a part of your overall score.
  5. Once your Express Entry profile selected from the draw, you end up receiving an invitation to apply or ITA. This is extremely subjective as it depends upon your CRS score. Once you acquire an ITA you need to submit your application within 60 days.
  6. The next step would be to get in touch with law enforcement agencies as well as get your health check-up done. The doctor that you choose for medical check-up needs to be approved by Canada's immigration authority known as IRCC. Apart from this, you will also have to submit a certificate a police clearance from the respective cities that you decided in for over 6 months or more over the last 10 years.
  7. Next, of course, you will not need to get your application and cross-checked by an immigration officer from scratch. You might have to furnish the details as well.
  8. Once you have completed all of the visa application processes, you will be able to get your PR status confirmed at the earliest. It only takes a couple of months for your application to be processed and eventually be granted a confirmation of permanent residence or COPR card.
  9. Finally, the last step is going to be travelling to Canada once you have fulfilled all the immigration process. Based on different criteria as governments provinces and employers can select immigrants with a good CRS score from the Express Entry pool for jobs and opportunities.

So, this is a step-by-step break down how to express entry system in Canada works. For any further assistance and also getting a smooth and hassle-free immigration experience, get in touch with our immigration consultants and we will be more than happy to help you out and make your immigration dreams of moving to Canada come true.