Ensuring Every Document Is in Place

Students from all around the world prefer Canada regarding education and career. Around 1,30,000 students from different countries of the globe apply for top-notch renowned universities in Canada. Canada is known for its extravagant yet straightforward lifestyle, education system, science, technology, and many others. Universities of Canada today concentrate on analytical thinking, creativity, academics, etc. in students while taking admissions.

Applying for a student visa for Canada is a strenuous task. Students get confused by many formalities and procedures, and this may cause an unusual delay in acquiring it. This is a Canada student visa checklist post-2023, that will help people to know what all are required for getting their visa.

It is advised to apply for a student visa once getting the acceptance letter from the university.

1. Valid Passport

A passport is necessary to apply for student visa. It should have a validity covering your stay in Canada, which means if you are about to go in 2019 for two years, the passport should be at least valid till 2021.

2. Letter of Acceptance From a Recognized Learning Institution

You will need to submit the acceptance letter received from that particular university you wish to study. The university needs to be identified by the immigration department.

3. Proof of Funds

According to the present criteria, you need to prove that you have sufficient money to support your academic fees as well as the living. Also, the student would have to show that he or she has enough funds for returning as well.

4. IME

Immigration needs to be taken by the student by designated doctors to show that he or she is in a healthy condition.

5. Statement of Purpose

An optional document, but it is highly recommended. You can submit an essay stating the purpose of your trip and choosing that particular university.