Laying the Groundwork for Your Canadian Education

Universities in Canada are opted by around 1,30,000 and above students from all around the world. Canada is rich regarding culture, traditions, lifestyle as well as education. Academics, research, scientific thinking and amalgamating with students from all over the globe are the aspects that Canadian universities focus mostly on.

Thus said, getting an opportunity to pursue an education in Canada is indeed a stroke of luck! So you must be thinking on how I can get a student visa to Canada. If you are on the lookout for obtaining a visa for Canada, scroll no more because we have got it covered!

The first step is to decide which university that appeals you the most. Choosing a good university according to your area of interest is extremely important. University of Toronto, McGill University, University of Waterloo, Brock University, Calgary University, Queen’s University, and the University of Ottawa are the top most preferred colleges of students. After being accepted at a particular university, you will be getting an acceptance letter which is essential for the visa application.

The next step is to apply online for acquiring Canadian student visa. You can choose the CIC Website, i.e., Citizenship and Immigration in Canada. If any family member works in Canada, your visa application will be processed in about two weeks. You may extend and renew your visa too. Once done, make sure you have all the required documents as said by the visa application center.

A matter of concern is that unless you come from an English-speaking nation, universities of Canada ask students to submit their fluency and proficiency proof in English. IELTS, Cambridge English, TOEFL, etc. Are accepted exams.

Now depending on the procedure of your country, you will be called for an interview. Some countries, however, don’t follow this, so the student need not appear for an interview at all.