Preparing for an Academic Adventure in Canada

According to the Canadian Government, they grant access to a chance to all Indian students to pursue their studies in the country. However as a precondition, you need to acquire a Study Permit and a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV).

Study Permit

It is a document or a permit issued by the Citizen and Immigration (CIC) which permits you to study in the country. While you hold a study permit, it is mandatory for you to remain enrolled and make apt and realistic progress to complete your course.

With your Study Permit you will also require a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) to enter in Canada.

Note: A Study Permit is a document that permits you to study in Canada whereas TRV is a visa that permits you to enter in Canada.

Required Documents for Your Study Permit

You will Require

  • A valid passport or travel document.
  • An approval letter from your educational institution.

It is Necessary to

  • Prove that you have adequate finances to pay for.
  • Your tuition fees.
  • Living expenses for yourself and any family members accompanying you to Canada.
  • Return transportation for yourself and any family members accompanying you to Canada.
  • Abide by the laws in Canada with no criminal record and be no threat to the security of Canada (you may need to provide a police certificate).
  • Your good health (you may require to complete a medical exam).

You will need to appear for a personal interview at the Canadian Embassy or Consulate.