Canada's reputation as a place of opportunity and inclusivity is well-deserved. It is a dream destination for many because of its unique blend of multiculturalism, economic activity, and natural splendour. Its endless range of businesses, from cutting-edge technology to traditional trades, appeals to a broad range of abilities and expertise.  For those looking for a better future, Canada is a beacon of hope, ready to welcome them with open arms and limitless opportunities. Obtaining a PR Visa in Canada is one route to realising this desire.

Do you know?

Canada has a long history of migration, millions of people have chosen and continue to choose Canada as their new home. According to recent trends, until 2022, there were more than 8 million immigrants with PR living in Canada. Also, Canada is set to boost its intake with plans to admit 500,000 newcomers by 2025.

However, as with any immigration process, there are various myths about Canada PR that may discourage potential applicants.

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Why should you apply for PR in Canada?

  1. Invites 4.85 lakh Canada PRs in 2024
  2. welcomes 1.5 million new PRs by 2026
  3. 1 million jobs have been unfilled for more than 100 days.
  4. Earn between 5 to 8 times your current wage.
  5. Universal Healthcare System Access
  6. Your children will receive a FREE education.
  7. Pension benefits
  8. The easiest way to obtain Canadian citizenship


Myth 1: To apply for PR, you must have a job offer.

While a work offer from a Canadian business can surely help your chances of acquiring PR, it is not required. Canada has several immigration programmes, such as the Express Entry system, that use a points system to evaluate applications. If you have the necessary education, work experience, and language skills, you may be eligible for PR even if you do not have a job offer.


Myth 2: To apply for PR, you must have a particular amount of money in the bank.

To apply for PR in Canada, you do not need to have a certain quantity of money in your bank account. You must, however, show that you have enough money to maintain yourself and your family for a fair period of time, often six months, after arriving in Canada. The amount of money needed varies depending on the size of your family, where you live in Canada, and other considerations.


Myth 3: You may apply for PR from anywhere in the world.

While it is possible to apply for some immigration programmes outside Canada, such as the Federal Skilled Worker Programme, you must meet certain eligibility conditions. For example, you may need a genuine work offer or be nominated by a Canadian province or territory. In most situations, you will also be required to take a medical exam and receive a police certificate from your home country.


In addition to these three typical myths regarding Canada PR, there are several others that can be deceptive. For accurate information regarding the PR application process and qualifying conditions, it is essential to rely on trustworthy sources such as the known consultancy and the official Government of Canada website.


More considerations for Canada PR

  • To apply for PR, you must meet certain qualifying conditions, such as holding a high school diploma or equivalent and passing a language test.
  • The processing period for PR applications varies according to the programme and your personal circumstances.
  • To keep your PR status, you must meet certain requirements, such as living in Canada for a specific number of days each year.


Clearing Misconceptions about PR

Canada PR is an important status that allows you to live and work in one of the best countries in the world. You can improve your chances of acquiring Canada PR by following these guidelines.

In addition to the myths cleared up above, here are some other common misconceptions about Canada PR

  • Canada only allows immigrants from a few countries. This is not correct! Immigrants from all nations are welcome in Canada.
  • Canada prefers wealthy immigrants. This is not correct! Canada seeks immigrants with the necessary skills and expertise to contribute to the Canadian economy.
  • Canada is a chilly and lonely place. This is not correct! Canada is a lovely and hospitable country.


Nuts and Bolts of it

Myths about Canada PR can be perplexing, but preparing yourself with proper knowledge and getting reputable counsel will Clear up these myths and empower you to follow your immigration aspirations. Canada's doors are open to individuals seeking a rewarding future, and with proper preparation and perseverance, you may begin on a path towards a new and exciting chapter in your life. Remember, Canada is a nation of opportunity, and PR is your key to unlocking them.

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