Tapping Into Canada's Rich Economic Landscape

Have you ever dreamed about starting your own business? Canada may be the best place to do it.

Currently, Canada is a very appealing country when it comes to foreign investments. The system of tax and immigration policies by the government not only has made many foreign investments aligned to start their business in the country but made them to relocate their location for better returns and profit. In 2012, Canada was named as one of the best business locations in the world by Forbes Magazine. It is a good atmosphere to start your business in Canada because of its stable banking system, lower corporate tax and the fact that it is one of the leading G20 countries.

The country was able to overcome successfully from the financial crises that rose due to the weak economy of the European Union and the United States and its banking system and has been named as one of the soundest economic in the 5 years. However, the country’s reputation goes above and beyond its economic stability. Canada’s universities offer a world-class education at rates that are far more affordable than the most privately-funded colleges in the US. Due to this, it can attract and retain a skilled and educated workforce. It also has the fourth-highest investment rate in education as a percentage of its GDP.    

Chief Highlights on Why One Should Start or Invest in Their Business in Canada

  • Stability: Canada has a reliable and strong economic bank. For the 5th consecutive year, the World Economic Forum rates, Canada’s banking system has been considered as one of the smooth-running economic panels.
  • Skilled Workforce: It has one of the most highly educated population in the OECD and attracts the brightest people across the globe.
  • Strong Industrial sector: Sectors such as fibre, optics, aerospace and biopharmaceuticals are considered as one of the highest grossing departments of the business. The country is also a world leader in fields as diverse as medical devices, digital gaming and agriculture.
  • Geographic Location: It is the crossroads between the North America market place and the booming economies of Asia.
  • Advantage of lifestyle: Clean, calm and serene sums it up. It is a stellar place to work, live and raise a family.

The appealing environment for leading research is built upon several innovation-supporting policies, such as- effective protection of intellectual property rights; open competition in the domestic market in the deployment of digital information and communication technologies and transparent government practices.

Perhaps one of the best reasons to consider doing business in Canada, though, is that Canada welcomes business investment.

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