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    British Columbia: Your New Beginning

    Vancouver, the third-largest metropolis in the nation, is located in British Columbia, one of the nation’s most diverse provinces. The economy of British Columbia is centred on a robust natural resources industry, with a focus on forestry and mining. With its vast forests and distinctive coastal climate, its natural setting is regarded as among the most beautiful in all of Canada, if not the entire globe.

    Immigration streams for British Columbia

    If you wish to immigrate to British Columbia, then you have three options to choose from- Skills Immigration Stream, Express Entry British Columbia Stream, and Entrepreneur Immigration.

    The Skills Immigration Stream is for skilled workers, healthcare professionals, international graduates and post-graduates, and entry-level and semi-skilled workers. All candidates need to have a job offer or a current job, except for international post-graduates.

    The Express Entry British Columbia Stream is only for skilled workers, healthcare professionals, international graduates and post-graduates.

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    Skills Immigration Stream

    Here are the categories in which you can apply under the Skills Immigration Stream, which includes skilled workers, healthcare professionals, international students, and semi-skilled workers-

    • Skilled worker: A skilled worker having a job offer in his/her respective field is considered an eligible skilled worker, B.C is looking for skilled workers having a skilled occupation and can help to raise the economy later compensating by giving PR in return.
    • Healthcare Professional: People who have the expertise and suitable job offers as doctors, nurses, psychiatric nurses, or other allied health professionals may apply under this category. There must be a work offer that qualifies for one of the 11 health occupations.
    • International Graduate: Under this category, students which are graduated from Canadian University or college in the last three years can apply. The job offer should be from the employer of British Columbia.
    • International Post Graduates: The category demands post-graduation or doctoral degree for application from any educational institution in British Columbia in natural, applied or health sciences. No job offer will be required to apply for this category.
    • Semi-Skilled worker: Workers in certain entry-level or semi-skilled positions in long-haul trucking, food processing, tourism/hospitality, or entry-level or semi-skilled positions who live and work in British Columbia’s Northeast Development Region may qualify for immigration under this scheme.

    How the Work Process of British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program

    • Step 1: Checking the eligibility criteria
    • Step 2: Checkout the program which is suitable for you
    • Step 3: After checking your eligibility the candidates share their Expression of Interest (EOI)
    • Step 4: The province authority will take a look at your profile.
    • Step 5: Once you are selected in the draw you, will get the provincial nomination
    • Step 6: Once you get the provincial nomination, you create a profile in the Express Entry.
    • Step 7: All the mandatory credentials are to be uploaded in the Express Entry.
    Immigration streams for British Columbia

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