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    Canada plans to welcome nearly 1.4 million new permanent residents by 2025.

    The Business-Investor Visa program provides applicants with the opportunity to obtain either permanent residency or citizenship in Canada by making eligible and qualifying investments in the country.

    The Canadian Government have come up with extraordinary permanent resident programs for investors and entrepreneurs from across the globe. Business-Investor visa programs provide a way for business people and HNIs to settle in Canada with their families. Our experts can assist in selecting the best location for investment based on the nature of the business and available funds.

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    Quickest visa approval within 3 months

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    Benefits Of Settling Canadian Business Investment

    Investor and entrepreneur permanent residency programs are typically created to provide both individual and business benefits. The best of these immigration programs offer benefits such as:

    • The ability to settle there with your family
    • Access to a high standard of living in Canada’s provinces and territories
    • Advantages of quality healthcare and educational facilities
    • Exposure to diverse international opportunities (You can travel to 180 countries visa-free with a Canadian citizenship: including the United States, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Australia and the European Union)
    • Favorable Investment Policies
    • Travel benefits for ease of conducting business globally
    • A streamlined path to obtaining citizenship

    Alongside these benefits, the Canadian government recognizes dual citizenship. It means you can keep your original citizenship.

    Canada Investor Visa Consultants Criteria

    The eligibility requirements and application process depend upon the type of program you prefer. However, there are some common elements that you should look out for:

    • Operating a successful business or having enough funds to buy or start a new one in Canada.
    • Have a minimum of CAD $250,000 for investment in your Canadian venture.
    • A strong prior business profile of at least two years.

    Alongside these requirements, you need to be:

    • Proficient in local languages, i.e. English or French.
    • Have your health and conduct evaluated.
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    First Step Immigration offers impartial services tailored to each client’s specific needs and goals. We help you with a complimentary eligibility assessment using the Canada Immigration Points Calculator, expert advice for investing in Canada, and professional coaching for CELPIP and IELTS exams.

    We offer comprehensive guidance for obtaining a Canadian PR. Book a consultation call with our expert today, and take the first step towards realising your Canadian dream.

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