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    Your Guide to Immigration in Quebec

    First of all, why Quebec? Why are people choosing it as an option to immigrate?  It is not just a popular destination for newcomers but this province is home to more than one million immigrants. Quebec is also home to Canada’s second-largest city Montreal, which is also well known for its diversity. Quebec’s economy has been booming recently, generating a strong workforce and numerous employment opportunities. English speakers are welcome to immigrate despite the province’s predominance in the French language, but understanding French will give you an advantage.

    How Does Quebec Immigration Program Work?

    The process of immigration to Québec is distinct from the selection standards used by the Government of Canada. Applications for immigration to Quebec are authorised using two distinct procedures, selection and admission. While admission takes place at the federal level, selection happens at the local level. A candidate must fulfil both the selection and admission criteria to immigrate to Quebec. A foreign national must acquire Quebec’s consent during the selection phase of the procedure.

    A Quebec Selection certificate (CSQ) is a document given by the provincial immigration authorities following a successful application through one of Quebec’s immigration programs and serves as proof of selection.

    Second, approved CSQ holders can apply to the federal government for permanent residency in Canada. The federal government is more concerned with health and criminality issues than with the applicant’s human capital, skills, and experience, which have already been approved by the Quebec government. Some applicants that are CSQ holders are already eligible to apply for work permits after CSQ is received & before applying to the federal government for PR status.

    Requirement of Quebec Immigration Value

    The new values test will be required for the initial stage of the process, which means that candidates must pass the values test before receiving their CSQ. Candidates will also be able to “participate in Québec to the entire course prescribed by the Minister pertaining specifically to those values.”

    Candidates must score at least 75% to pass the exam. If a candidate fails the test, he or she can retake it or enrol in the Quebec values course.

    Quebec Immigration

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    How Can We Assist Canada Immigrant Investor Program

    First Step consultancy has all the specific details about the immigration initiatives taking place in Quebec. We can assist you in getting the Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) and applying for a work permit, even though it differs significantly from other jurisdictions. The federal government will then let you file for PR residency. We are here to assist you without any delay. If you need assistance obtaining the passport or have any questions about the process, we are here to help. For more questions, please contact us.


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