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Canada Visitor Visa

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    Canada isn’t just a home for skilled workers or experience class. However, it is also a beautiful travel destination as well as a leisure time destination. Countless visitors come to visit their friends and family in Canada every year. Canada is a diverse country welcoming millions of international visitors to come and enjoy their stay for short period. If you plan to visit Canada to meet your loved ones visit visa can be a convenient option for you. People apply for a tourist visa when they want to roam around the country for seeking pleasure.

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    Details to Obtain Visitors Visa

    You can travel to Canada for up to 6 months with the help of a simple visa application known as the Canada Visit Visa. The two kinds of visas that are available in Canada are single-entry visas and multiple-entry visas. With a single-entry visa, foreign people are only permitted one entry into Canada. A multiple-entry visa allows its bearer to enter and exit the country as frequently as they like while the visa is active. All applicants are automatically considered for multiple-entry visas, but single-entry visas are only granted in exceptional circumstances, so you do not have to choose the sort of visitor visa you want to apply for.

    The holder of a multiple-entry visa can visit Canada as many times as possible for up to six months as long as the visa holds validity.

    Things to Keep Note of Visitor to Canada

    • It can only be utilized for fun or travel.
    • You cannot register for a job or work with this visa.
    • You are permitted to bring your relatives and children.
    • Usually, it takes 27 days for the visit visa to be granted.

    Eligibility Criteria for Business Visitor Visa

    To obtain a Canadian visit visa one must require to meet the eligibility criteria as follows,

    • Applicants must not plan to seek or take on a job while on the Canada tourist visa and must demonstrate that they have enough money to support themselves and their families for the duration of their stay.
    • In addition to providing invitation letters from their sponsor, applicants who may stay with family or friends should have no criminal record and plan to strictly abide by local laws.
    • Some applicants from particular nations might require a temporary resident permit.
    • Depending on your profile, you might need to satisfy more criteria for entry.
    Canada Visitor Visa

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    First Step can assist you in presenting the best argument for your Canada travel visa thanks to our in-depth knowledge of Canadian immigration. We will assist you with strategizing your visit and assessing your documents. Our experts will prepare you for the interview and evaluate the required documents. Our experts will consult you through the process in each step to obtain the visa. Our reliable team keep you intact throughout the procedure so that there is no room for mistakes. Contact our team for further details!

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