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    Students who want to study and live abroad must have access to money. To do so, they must possess a legal currency in that nation. And thus, Forex assistance comes into the picture, to make students’ journeys easy and convenient. We have multiple tie-ups with well-recognised Forex assistance for studying abroad. We work with Forex dealers and they make sure that students don’t have to go through any crisis and make the exchange rates affordable and services to be quick. A large amount of savings is going towards Forex, First Step Immigration has taken care of your requirements to make your pathway smoother.

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    Quickest visa approval within 3 months

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    Quickest visa approval within 3 months

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    Quickest visa approval within 3 months

    I have been very satisfied with the services provided by First Step Immigration. After looking at a lot of immigration service providers, I chose them and they helped me get my visa very easily.

    JIGAR SONI Canada
    Advantage of Opting for Forex Card over Credit/Debit Card
    • Fee of Issuance: If you do the purchasing of the Forex Cards online then there is no issuance fee, somehow some banks charge up to 350 INR. Some of the international debit issuance charges are 500. For Credit cards, the issuance fee goes up to 1500.
    • Fee of Withdrawal: Each withdrawal costs $2 (150 INR) for the forex cards. 500 is charged for debit cards and up to 1000 is charged per withdrawal for international credit cards.
    • Fee of Merchant: There is not any merchant fee, whereas International Credit/Debit card you have to pay a 3.5% charge as a merchant fee.
    • FX Rates: In Forex cards the rates are frozen at the time of loading, and hence there is no probability of the fluctuation of rates. However, when it comes to debit and credit card it is quite impossible to freeze the rate, and the highest rates of the day applies to the credit/debit card holder.
    • FX Conversion charges: There aren’t any additional conversion charges for forex cards. Anyhow the cross-currency markup of 4 to 6 percent mark-up is charged for every transaction on an international debit/credit card.
    Types of Forex Cards
    • Multi-currency card: In a multi-currency card you can use multiple currencies in one single card. There are up to 22 currencies you can load on this card which can also protect against exchange rate fluctuations in the future.
    • Single Currency Card: As the name suggests the Single currency card is meant for only one currency. This card can be used by those who want to stay in a single country. This card also functions against the fluctuation of rates in the future.
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    Our consultants are connected to the banks of Canada and other countries, we can be your one-stop solution for forex cards. Our team will guide you through the process and show you the right path to invest in the forex cards and how the process goes about it. Our team will assist you and will let you know which will be the more convenient option to choose. We work hard to make the process hassle-free for clients, and we make sure they don’t return empty-handed or disappointed. Contact us for more information.

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