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    The kind of visa which helps people to find jobs in different nations and reside there for an amount of time is considered a job seeker visa. Some European countries are recruiting people from different nations who are skilled with good qualifications and experience. Germany, for instance, has a duration of 6 months to stay and find a job.

    Eligibility Criteria for Job Seeker Visa in Germany

    • Possess a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from a German institution, or a foreign degree with a comparable standing.
    • Possess at least 5 years of relevant expertise.
    • Show evidence that you have the money to sustain yourself while you are in Germany.
    • Get health or travel protection. It ought to be good for the duration of your stay in Germany or up until you receive a work permit.

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    Best Sweden Consultants for Germany Job Seeker Visa

    Recently Sweden launched a job seeker visa that enables travellers to look for employment in Sweden. It is valid for 3 months but can be prolonged up to 9 months. It also promises safety to its citizens. Sweden has a shortage of skilled workers, especially those who are experienced. Sweden is facing a shortage of qualified chefs, healthcare professionals, assistants, and system developers. As the market reopened, the demand increased. The country is looking for innovative and talented workers, which is why they have launched the Sweden job seeker visa.

    Eligibility Criteria for Job Seeker Visa in Germany

    • Need to have complete education equivalent to an advanced level degree.
    • Must give a Letter of consent to the Swedish council of higher education, so they can connect to the council of higher education of your native for verification.
    • Valid health insurance for Sweden.
    • Must be convenient if you stay outside Sweden.
    • Must have Sufficient proof of funds.


    The Austrian Job Seeker Visa is the best option for those who want to move to this stunning nation, work, and establish a life there. One of the lowest jobless rates in the EU is found in Austria. Austria’s strong economy makes it very likely that you will find work very fast.

    If you find work within six months of entering Austria with this visa, you are given a work visa and are eligible to file for the Red-White-Red Card. If not, you are allowed to stay in Austria and look for work for another six months.

    Eligibility Criteria for Job seeker Visa in Austria

    Maximum points are given to applicants with different skills, and qualifications, following are the requirements you need to have to secure adequate scores for the application of Job seeker visa, which are:

    • Special Skills and Qualifications: A maximum of 40 points are given to the candidates having the highest degree and skills.
    • Language Skills: 10 points are given to the candidates having proficiency in German as well as English at the A-2 level.
    • Age Factor: 20 points are given to the candidate aged 35 and less, afterwards the 5 points get decreased.
    • Study in Austria: If you have studied in Austria then you might get the benefit of 10 points.
    Job Seeker Visa for Germany

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    It is not simple to obtain a job seeker visa for Germany, Austria, or Sweden; one must be eligible and meet all criteria to submit a successful application. With more than 10 years of experience, First Step Immigration helps applicants to accurately complete their job-seeker visa applications to guarantee visa approval. Additionally, First Step Immigration offers assistance with interview preparation should a need arise to present at the Austrian consulate. Contact our experts for further details!

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