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Best GMAT Coaching Classes in Ahmedabad

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    The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is a standardized examination that is frequently used for admission to graduate business institutions and Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs. The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) test assesses analytical and critical thinking skills that are frequently required for success in graduate business programs.

    These exam results are usually used by admissions committees to assess your readiness for graduate-level coursework. Although the GMAT is only one component of the MBA admissions process (and it is not always required), a high GMAT score can help you stick out academically and qualify for merit-based scholarships.

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    GMAT Coaching Section & Timings:

    Consider this your GMAT test syllabus. On test day, you’ll see these parts on the GMAT exam, but you can work on them in any order you want:

    • AWA/Essay Analytical Writing Assessment (one question)
    • Integrated Reasoning (12 multi-part questions)
    • Quantitative Reasoning (31 questions)
    • Argumentation Reasoning (36 questions)


    While you will only be testing for three hours and thirty minutes, you should allow five hours for the full GMAT exam. This is due to the previously stated paperwork, as well as optional breaks.

    After you’ve signed in, stowed your belongings in a locker, and sat down at your computer station, here’s the timetable for the GMAT test (we’re using the “traditional” order here, but your section order may vary based on your preferences):

    • Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA/Essay): 30 minutes (one question)
    • Integrated Reasoning (IR): 30 minutes (12 multi-part questions)
    • “Optional” 8-minute (MAX) pause (recommended)
    • Quantitative Reasoning (62 minutes) (31 questions)
    • “Optional” 8-minute (MAX) pause (you’ll also want this one)
    • 65 minutes for Verbal Reasoning (36 questions)

    How to Prepare For GMAT Preparation

    GMAT preparation is critical to your achievement. Fortunately, there are several methods for preparing for the exam:

    • Allow yourself plenty of time. It is suggested that you begin studying for the GMAT at least six months before applying to MBA programs.
    • Use GMAT preparation materials. When it comes to studying for the GMAT, there are numerous excellent tools available. You have several choices, including borrowing books from the library, downloading study guides, and taking online practice exams.
    • Concentrate on each segment. While it may be tempting to jump around and learn a little bit about each area, it is more beneficial to plan your studying in a more focused way. Take care of one area at a time.
    best GMAT Coaching Classes in Ahmedabad

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