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September 3, 2021 ( 0 ) Comment

Canada has always been one of the most hospitable nations when it comes to admitting new immigrants. It is home to 60 immigration programmes with various recruitment requirements for potential applicants.

Canada offers great opportunities for immigrants, yet nevertheless, millions are rejected owing to faults and inaccuracies in the application. Long-term delays or rejection may result from simple mistakes and let’s find out what they are in a nutshell.  

3 Common Mistakes During The Application Process 

#1 Don’t Forget To Review Your Application and Documents Needed 

Failing to evaluate your application means making the error of letting yourself down. Mishandling of your application results in a higher likelihood of severe mistakes.

Certain documents like police verification certificates and labour market impact evaluations have expiration dates. The key thing to remember while collecting your papers is to make sure they stay valid throughout the time your application is handled.

#2 Do Not Miss Deadlines 

You, for instance, must have been given a date by which you must submit your application if you just finished your express entry profile. Do not miss the deadline, and apply on time.

You may sometimes get messages from the immigration authorities asking for more information while filing for a study permit or a work visa. If such demands are made, a timeframe by which you need to submit this information must be established. Failing to meet deadlines is equivalent to missing the deadline, and you definitely do not want to do that.

#3 Not Paying Attention To Signature in Application Forms 

It occurs regularly. Where the candidate is needed to sign, a form is not signed. The Additional Family Information form, for example, may need up to three signatures on a single page. People often sign the bottom of this form, oblivious to the fact that, based on whether there is a wife or children, two more signatures are needed. Failure to sign it or any other immigration form will result in the file being returned weeks, if not months after it has been submitted.

Double-check your immigration application paperwork to make sure you have completed all of the necessary sections and only where needed.

Silly mistakes may quickly sneak into a lengthy application procedure, particularly if you lack expert assistance. This is why it is important to sign up for an expert immigration consultant in Ahmedabad. As you’re preparing to complete your profile and apply for Express Entry, avoid these three common errors mentioned above. 

How Can We Help? 

Immigration applications must be thoroughly reviewed and filed since this is a service provided by immigration experts like us. The good thing about working with immigration services in Ahmedabad is that they’ll review your application to make sure that all of the immigration processes are followed as diligently as required. 

You want to hire consultants who boast an immaculate record when it comes to immigration services to Canada. First Step Immigration should be your go-to choice. The company is renowned as the best consultancy for Canada PR in Ahmedabad that also caters to student visa, and work permit applications. Get in touch with FSI visa experts today and with a free consultation, kickstart your application process. 

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