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No matter where you live, coming across someone who is about to move to Canada must not be surprising at all. Growing up, we see many of our family members, relatives, someone we knew in school, and people from neighbourhood migrating to Canada at different points in their lives. We love to put ourselves under their shoes and see this unexplored world through their eyes, embarking on a different continent altogether. This is especially true for those who live in cities like Ahmedabad, Anand, Baroda, and Surat. There are known relatives or friends who move to Canada one by one in subsequent years.

Growing up, you might just bump into an opportunity to move to Canada. It gets all the more exciting when you take the responsibility for your own application and your sole aim from here on is to find the most experienced Canada Visa Consultant in Ahmedabad.

Bearing this in mind, we have listed a few pointers below that will help you plan better, whether you are looking for PR or student visa consultant in Ahmedabad.

How to Choose Experienced Immigration Consultants In Ahmedabad

#1 Ask For ICCRC Registration

Wherever in the world, you go to apply for a Canada visa, an agency must have the ICCRC registration done. This particular certificate is usually hung up in the office of the agency in areas such as reception and waiting room.

ICCRC known as the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council is a regulatory authority to protect applicants all over the world. Immigration consultancies provide visa services as per the law and guidance from ICCRC. The consultants and agents who are reaching you out must have a licence to execute various immigration services that you most see on ads such as student visa, PR visa, Work Permit, Tourist visa etc.

Scams are more common in the immigration industry than you can even imagine. Therefore don’t fall into the trap when someone promises you a Canadian visa in record time and cheap fees. Scam agents love to win the trust of the applicant in the initial stages so they can demand half of the money and run away before you realise the seriousness of their crime.

#2 Experience of Consultants

Once you have handpicked the agency you want to go forward with, it is time to know a little about the consultant(s) who will handle the visa process on your behalf. Canada has a bunch of visa programs that you need to be aware of. Some of the visa programs can only be accessed through your qualifications and experience, while others are pretty much standard for all like student visas. An experienced consultant will guide you better throughout the decision making process without wasting your time. He or she will serve your best interest and are most likely to pitch a visa program that will best suit your needs shortly. They think ahead of time and plan your journey for success. Services for Canadian immigration in Ahmedabad are not hard to find. There exist many such consultancies. However, expert agents and consultants are only a few.

Talk to consultants about their work experience, any setbacks, or challenges. For obvious reasons, students should not directly ask questions, and always let one of the parents take charge to have clarity before they begin with the application process.

Benefits of Working With an Experienced Consultancy

  • Immigration consultants help you with all your documents as per the requirements.
  • Experts at handling any type of visa application on your behalf.
  • They submit well-organised and presented visa applications.
  • They find solutions if you happen to misplace your crucial documents.
  • They verify your documents before submission, so you save time and money in the process.
  • They update you regularly to the latest immigration laws with routine follow-ups.

Let Us Get Started With Your Visa Requirements

Immigration in Ahmedabad is made easy with First Step Immigration. An ICCRC registered firm, we are a leading and the most preferred Canada Consultancy in Ahmedabad. Our track record speaks for itself and we rank consistently in top 10 imigration consultants in Ahmedabad. Our expert consultants will guide you from start to finish till you arrive in Canada and feel settled. We are passionate about what we do which has helped us establish long-term relationships with our clients.

So without wasting any time, get in touch with us today and let us kickstart your visa requirements because there is no better time to move to Canada than now.

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