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How Biometric Identification Works 

By using biometrics, visa officials may check whether a potential applicant has a criminal record or a history of Canada immigration violations. Additionally, biometrics are utilised to verify an individual’s identification upon entry into Canada.

There will be eight self-service Primary Inspection Kiosks set up at major Canadian airports where students fingerprints and photographs will be checked and a declaration may be made on screen.

The cost of biometric identification

A biometric cost of CAD 85 per person will be charged in addition to the normal visa application charge. Before collecting your fingerprints and picture, the personnel at the Visa Application Centre (VAC) will want to see evidence that you have made the biometric cost, regardless of whether you apply online or at the VAC. Application processing at a VAC is included in your biometric fee. You will be notified by the VAC once your application has been sent to the visa office and verified as complete. 

Upon arrival in Canada

A border services officer will do a comparison between your biometrics and the picture in your travel document or passport. Additionally, you may be required to submit additional biometric information to verify your identity, such as your fingerprints. Each of these pieces of information will be treated following the country’s privacy regulations and kept in a secure database managed by the Government of Canada.

After submitting my application, how do I pay for biometrics?

After you’ve submitted your application, you’ll need to pay a biometrics charge. If you filled out an application online, you must make a payment online. 

  • Your IRCC protected account or by filling out a form on the web
  • If you submitted an application on paper and paid online, please use the Webform to attach your receipt.

How long is the validity of biometrics?

Only once every ten years do you have to provide your biometrics if you’re seeking a tourist visa or student visa consultant for Canada. However, if your application is rejected and you subsequently resubmit, your biometrics will need to be renewed.

To apply for permanent residence, you must submit your biometrics and pay the cost regardless of whether you previously supplied your biometrics to support a visiting visa, study or work permit or an alternative application for PR.

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