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Canada Work Permit in 2021

March 22, 2021 ( 0 ) Comment

Express entry is the most popular and fastest pathway for applicants to see a new life in Canada. Express entry system organises and processes application for working professionals who wish to immigrate to Canada and acquire Canadian PR and work permit. Express entry is a highly competitive immigration system where one receives invitations based on a high CRS score to successfully apply for permanent resident status.

Applying for an express entry is a two-stage process. The first one is to submit your profile with the following documents i.e. language test scores, education credential assessment report and a travel or passport document. Once your profile is good to go, you will receive an ITA (invitation to apply) for Canadian permanent residence. This process is time-consuming, with considerable time spent preparing identity documents, reference letters, medical examination results and police clearance certificates.

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How You Can Increase Your Chances In 2021 For a Smooth PR Application Process

Canada Has Increased Immigration Intake

Canada has dramatically increased it’s immigration intake in the hope to boost its stagnant economy by inviting more than a million new immigrants between 2021-2023. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic gives it one more reason to pursue its objectives at a faster rate than expected.

The ambitious plan laid by the Minister of immigration, refugees, and citizenship Marco Mendicino has been applauded by everyone. Canada’s declining birth rate is nothing less than a toll on its economy. The only way to make sure that the infrastructure is not compromised is to invite more immigrants. The new arrivals will play a key role in spurring Canada’s recovery.

More than 60% of new immigrants will be part of the economy class followed by family groups which will be the next largest group.  If you see yourself as a qualified applicant this the right time to tap on this opportunity and start preparing for your application process. If you need assistance in finding the best immigration consultant in Ahmedabad, all you need to do is continue reading this article to the end. 

Boost Your CRS Score

Applicants who are eligible to apply for express entry are evaluated by CRS score. The minimum CRS score keeps on changing based on many factors. A comprehensive ranking system is one thing that one cannot control. However, there are many ways to improve a score so you increase your chances and rank higher in the express entry pool.

Factors that can boost your CRS Score

  • High levels of language proficiency in English and/or French
  • Bilingual in English and French
  • A PhD or a master’s degree
  • Canadian education degree or work experience 
  • A sibling residing in Canada
  • An employment offer from a company in Canada
  • A nomination through a provincial nominee program

The CRS score of all applicants in the pool gets updated automatically before the next invitation round. If you can boost your profile by considering any of the above factors, then the chances of your application getting selected increases quite significantly. If you are seeking immigration services in Ahmedabad, make sure to discuss relevant points with your consultants who can guide you to achiever for a higher CSR score.

Wrapping Up

 The vaccines have started to roll out as we speak. The tough days are behind, and things will be back to normalcy by the end of this year. The Canadian Government has laid down ambitious plans for immigration numbers, and there is no better time to apply.

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