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March 29, 2021 ( 0 ) Comment

Canada Ranks 3rd Globally In International Students Attraction

More than 600,000 international students entered Canada in 2019. The student int-take has tripled over a decade and shows no signs of slowing down. Canada not only provides a high-quality education system to international students but also numerous possibilities to grow within a diverse and vibrant culture.

Growth among Canadian-born students entering universities and colleges between the ages of 18-24 has kind of stagnated due to the country’s low birth rate. If someone wishes to enrol in Canadian universities, the chances of working and settling down in Canada increase twofold. This makes obtaining a student visa all the more important for a safe and sound future.

What are the steps taken by the Canadian government concerning the new admissions during the ongoing pandemic? Is the application process the same as it was before the pandemic? What are the chances of getting a student visa? All this and more in the section below.

In-Person Classes Will Commence For Fall Semester 2021

The country’s borders have repainted open to foreign students since October 2020. International students are free to enter the country as long as their DLI (designated learning institution) has a government-approved Covid readiness plan in place.

This has played a key role in making sure that students who are looking to apply do not waste a year to resume the application process. Compared to the USA and Australia, which have strict border controls, Canada continues to provide holistic solutions to students.

The vaccines have started rolling out in the country. The majority of Canadian Universities are gearing towards resuming in-person classes this fall semester.

Students Entering By Air

All travellers including students over 5 years of age coming to Canada by air must show negative covid test results obtained within 72 hours of boarding their flight. If there had been a positive test result no more than 90 days before boarding the flight, it has to be shown as well. It is the responsibility of the traveller to obtain the test results. 

Covid test and hotel stay are mandatory upon arrival. Starting from February 22, 2021, all air travellers arriving in Canada will be required to take a PCR test upon arrival. They must quarantine in a government-mandated hotel for up to 3 days at their own expense and await test results. Therefore, before booking your flight, students must reserve their stay at a government-approved hotel. Seek the assistance of a Canada consultancy in Ahemdabad who will guide you if there changes in safety regulations.

Back To Basics

  • Select a Program: The study program of your choice plays an important factor when it comes to your study permit application. An application needs to present a strong case to be able to study in Canada in the selected program. First Step Immigration is the best consultancy for Canada student visa in Ahmedabad that helps students submit successful applications based on their education history.
  • Apply to the School: After deciding on a program, an immigration consultancy helps students prepare and submit the application by gathering all the documents required. The important thing to note here is that before applying for a student visa, a letter of acceptance from a DLI (Canadian designated learning institution) is required.
  • Apply for A Student Visa:  Once you get the acceptance letter, you will be ready to apply for a student visa. An immigration consultancy then works towards the final application to be submitted to Canadian immigration.

Wrapping Up

All Canadian universities are functioning as one would expect them to despite these uncertain times. The good news is that classes that have gone online will move towards in-person for the fall semester of 2021. If you are looking for a student visa consultant for Canada, it’s the right time to kick start the process.

First Step Immigration has some of the best Canada student visa consultant in Ahmedabad that prepares students in advance for a successful application to the university of their choice. Be it an undergraduate or a post-graduate degree, we have all the tools and resources to craft a killer application on your behalf. 

Contact our team of experienced student visa consultant in Ahmedabad, and let’s get started with your student visa application.

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