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Australia provides budding students with numerous career opportunities only matched by very few countries in the world. It is home to many immigrants who entered Australia as students and have settled there. Students from around the world have made considerable contributions to Australia’s economy and culture and continue to do so with ever greater pomp.

The reason why Australia has always been a preferred destination for international students is simple. The country boasts 5 of the top 50 universities in the world that alone offer more than 11,000 courses across 600 institutions. Australia prides itself on its study-work-life balance. A student can explore a wide range of part-time work opportunities and enjoy quality living with a first-class health care system. 

Work & Study At The Same Time

Many international students who come to Australia want to supplement their own allowance. For this reason, they start to explore opportunities that are available at their disposal. Unlike other countries where working even part-time is denied to international students, a student visa holder in Australia can undertake part-time work concerning the rules and regulations in place.

A student visa holder is entitled to work 4o hours per 2 weeks during the semester session which makes it 20 hours per week. If you break down the average academic year where an Australian student gets a month of winter break and 3 months of summer holidays, more casual work during these big breaks adds to the sum and helps defray the cost of living.

Any Major is Welcome

Australia has many top-ranked universities in the world for a reason. You have already seen the multitude of different degrees and majors they offer. Whether you want to study Engineering, Medicine, Mathematics, English, Arts, Sports Science, Social science or History, you have a wide range of options to choose from. Students are often spoilt to pick the major of their choice. There are also plenty of combinations and options you can decide on during your course which makes it all enticing for students to dive deep into the world of knowledge. You can shortlist universities based on your own informal research or let the expert consultants do that on your behalf. It is important to know that eligibility requirements will vary from course to course. Therefore, always be vigilant before choosing one.

Vibrant City Life

Australian universities are located in both urban and rural settings. Wherever you go, you will have beautiful landscapes surrounding you with Australia’s rich history guiding you to new places. Every city is unique and has its distinct way of living. From the picturesque Sydney beach scene to the dazzling shopping boutiques of Melbourne, you would love to travel where your heart takes you.

Also, many Australian universities offer work opportunities or internships to students during semester breaks. Capitalising on such opportunities will take you to rural and urban settings and help you make connections with the locals. Cities in Australia thrive with young immigrant students. Making friends on the go would become all the easier when you just take in what this country has to offer for the long run.

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