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    Workers’ or migrant remittances occur when migrants send home a portion of their earnings in the form of cash or products to support their families. They have grown rapidly in recent years and are now the primary source of foreign income for many developing nations. Students and workers receive their income to aid their families. Through our foreign remittance services, we help you simplify remittances to India.

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    Sending a Remittance

    Typically, remittances are sent via an electronic payment method or service.

    Individuals can start a wire transfer or an ACH transfer by visiting a bank or credit union or by going online. Large sums of money can be transferred and made available the next day if required, but it may take longer. Because wire transfers cannot be reversed, you must ensure that you are sending money to the designated recipient. If necessary, ACH transactions can be reversed.

    If you’re sending money, you’ll need to know the recipient’s bank name, account number, and routing number.

    Individuals can also send money abroad using apps like PayPal and WorldRemit.

    Money transfer firms can also help with international remittances.

    Our Work Process

    Step 1

    Evaluation of the fund

    Step 2

    Application for international remittance through a convenient medium

    Step 3

    Receival of the money transfers

    Particular Considerations

    Remittances and Criminal Activity

    Financial intelligence units are concerned that remittances are one way for money to be laundered or violent activities like terrorism to be funded.

    The methodology used by countries to record the quantity of money received through remittances is rarely made public. While the majority of value transfers occur via the web or wire, where they can be readily monitored, a significant amount of money is moved in ways that are more difficult to track.

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    We have partnered with well-known international brands to make it simple to send and receive money abroad. Our services are by all applicable laws and protocols. Our remittance agents will assist you in processing your documents and will counsel you on the best time to process remittances in order to benefit from favourable rates. Our team can assist you with the remittance process, don’t hesitate to take a step forward for international remittance. First Step can help you with all the financial transfers from abroad. Connect with us for further details!

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