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    Writing a Convincing Letter of Recommendation

    Recommendation letters are an important component of your application package. Through the words of your peers, a LOR communicates your strengths, personality, and suitability for admission. Typically, based on your profile, you would require LORs from your teachers and colleagues to form a well-rounded, positive impression of you. With our expert LOR solutions, First Step can assist you in getting this part of your application just right.

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    Types of Recommendation Letters:

    LORs can be broadly classified into two types based on the context and the designation of a recommender:

    Academic & Professional LOR

    Academic LOR

    A Professor, Head of the department, or Dean from your college or institution will provide you with an academic letter of recommendation. It details your academic success, accomplishments, and strengths.

    Academic recommendation letters should only be given on the letterhead of the university or college.

    Academic LORs are more important for those applying to master’s (MS) programs. Usually, universities require 2-3 LORs for appealing profiles, and applicants should also have to ensure that each LOR is unique individually while remaining pertinent to the program for which they are applying.

    Important characteristics to include in an Academic LOR:

    • Academic achievement in a topic
    • Relevant Projects and Research Work
    • Achievements and efforts in extracurricular activities
    • Specific instances demonstrating expertise or work ethics
    Professional LOR

    A professional recommendation letter is one given by a previous employer, supervisor, or reporting manager with whom you have worked.

    Most international business schools require applicants to have a certain amount of work experience. As a result, they require expert LORs to gain a better understanding of your work and professional abilities.

    A professional recommendation letter varies from an academic recommendation letter in that it focuses on your professional and leadership abilities. Furthermore, these must be given only on the organisation’s letterhead, signed, and stamped.

    Your most recent employer or manager may be able to assist you in preparing a reference letter that portrays an impactful picture of your technical and managerial skills.

    Important characteristics to mention in your LOR include leadership abilities, areas of expertise, soft skills, and specific work incidents that highlight your other abilities.

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    How Can We Assist You in Writing a LOR?

    The goal of our LOR writing services is to assist our clients in obtaining the strongest possible recommendations from their prior jobs. Our team of qualified writers will collaborate with you to develop a personalised letter of recommendation that will increase your chances of getting the position you want. Our company’s team of professional writers has years of experience producing letters of reference of the highest calibre. To ensure that the LORs they write are of the highest calibre and customised to each student, they meticulously review each student’s profile. Students can do this to differentiate themselves from the competition and improve their odds of getting into their top choice school.

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