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    Navigating Opportunities in Manitoba

    Manitoba, one of Canada’s western Prairie provinces, is based on generations of rich agricultural output. Manitoba is home to Winnipeg and is bounded on the east by Ontario and on the west by Saskatchewan. It enables the Manitoba government to employ skilled workers. The workers are hired to satisfy the province’s financial and labour market demands. This scheme allows applicants to obtain permanent residency in Canada.

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    Manitoba immigration streams

    The following are the categories available to apply for immigration in Manitoba,

    • Skilled Worker in Manitoba Stream: This stream is for temporary workers who are qualified and international student graduates currently working in Manitoba, and have been offered permanent or full-time employment by the employer of Manitoba.
    • Skilled Worker Overseas Stream: Someone who is a skilled worker from outside Canada, but can showcase a strong connection with the province. A skilled worker from Canada can also apply for this category.
    • Manitoba Business Investor Stream: This Stream is for those who are planning to establish a business in Manitoba.
    • International Education Stream: The stream is for international graduates who have graduated from the educational institution of Manitoba and are seeking to stay in the province on a permanent basis.
    • Morden Community Driven Initiative: This stream is for the rural town of Morden, jobs like welders, carpenters, cooks, plumbers and pipefitters are considered under this stream.

    How Does Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program Work

    You must file an Expression of Interest if you want to immigrate to Canada through the Manitoba PNP. (EOI). You will be given a score once you have completed the online tasks. Candidates with the highest scores will be asked to apply for the Manitoba PNP.

    If your submission is accepted, you will receive a provincial nomination from Manitoba. For permanent residents, you must apply for this nomination visa directly to the Canadian federal government. If you have already applied through Express Entry, you have to do it through the Express Entry system so that it becomes convenient. The Manitoba PNP processing time is typically around 6 months, in addition to the time it takes IRCC to process permanent residence applications.

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    Since then, First Step Immigration has been assisting many candidates with the application procedure and also building their confidence in us. From demonstrating the Expression of Interest to receiving a nomination. We are one of the leading consultancies, and we can make your experience wonderful by guiding you through our councillors and experts. We can assist you with complications and smoothen the process by stepping in. Contact us for more information about this stream!

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