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Documentation is a crucial step in your Canada immigration manner in 2020. This is due to the fact any deviation in your documents with the information you submitted for your PR application will be appeared as ‘Misrepresentation’. It is a serious crime to lie, or to ship false statistics or documents, to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) as you Canada immigration consultant in Ahmedabad will tell you.

In fact, one should constantly take up session from an expert immigration consultant in Ahmedabad that allows you to comply with all the documentation requirements of 2020 making sure which you are furnishing the right records to Canadian authorities.

To avoid any delays and errors, one needs to begin via preparing a report checklist for 2020 for gathering an entire portfolio of documents at one place. This will help you to go submit your documents within the stipulated time. Post receiving invitation letter (Invitation To Apply or ITA), applicants are required to submit all the files asked with the aid of CIC inside 60 calendar days of being issued an invitation to apply (ITA). A personalized document tick list is produced for every candidate after they post their e-APR software.

As the best immigration consultants in Ahmedabad we have for you below is the Document checklist for that CIC may additionally request you to furnish before granting a Permanent Resident Visa 2020.

Some of the essential documents that are required from you for getting a Canada PR visa includes your proof of studies, proof of funds, the letter of employment from Canada etc. You are someone who is married then you definitely require a marriage certificate and apart from this, of course, the usual passports and travel documents along with your credential assessment is required. This essentially is the tip of the iceberg as we must tell you as the best immigration consultants for Canada in Ahmedabad, there are a host of other documents that are also needed and shall be discussed upon later.

Of course, your express entry number which is going to inform the Canadian government about the score that you have managed is also something that is required. Just as any other country Canada to looks for certification of character and other details that must verify that you are who you say you are this means they will also look into your previous job history if you have any sort of criminal records against you and also your age proof.

Thankfully the Canadian government is really supportive and will aid you in terms of full information regarding what all documents are needed for your Canada PR, apart from this what can really help you out is hiring yourself the best Canada PR consultant in Ahmedabad, since they will take care of all of these documents and save you the headache.

So now that you know it, get in touch with your Canada PR consultant to get the process started.

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