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Express Entry – Provincial Nomination Program

Key feature of the express entry program is the key role provinces can play in the process and significant points (600) that are provided if one of has a provincial nomination. As on 4th January, 17, following provinces have announced their intentions to accept the program under the express entry program. Announcements will follow from other provinces in due course. Hence, if a candidate mentions any of the following provinces to be his preferred province while filing his pool application, chances of his provincial nomination will increase. It is quite logical for provinces to nominate those candidates who mention their province as the preferred province in the pool application.

In the express entry program, provinces can play a major role in the process by nominating the principle applicant thus allotting 600 important points to the nominated one. However, the applicant needs to fulfill the selection criteria of 67 points and 6.0 minimum IELTS scoring.

Interestingly, selection quote in province under express entry is not to be confused with provincial selection under “occupation-in-demand” category, in which special provisions will be available for receiving of applicants with lower IELTS score.

Manitoba provincial nomination for skilled professionals
Manitoba province will be able to nominate a highest of 500 applicants through express entry, in which applicant must need to meet the lowest federal measure for one of the three federal programs covered in express entry.

Candidates nominated by the Manitoba will get extra 600 points in their express entry assessment and will receive an invitation to apply for PR from citizenship and immigration Canada also known as CIC. CIC has pledge for the faster processing times of 6 months or fewer for applicants through express entry.

Saskatchewan provincial nomination for skilled professionals


The SINP going to accept application to the Saskatchewan Express Entry sub category in 2017, the date of opening the sub category can be checked on this webpage.

Nova Scotia provincial nomination for skilled professionals

Nova Scotia –

Nova Scotia going to launch a new immigration stream in short time, called Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry, in which stream comes with 350 new immigration nominations, with the use of the federal government’s new intake system, express entry, for the same.

British Columbia provincial nomination for skilled professionals

Express Entry British Columbia –






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