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    Since 2022 Canada plans to welcome 1.3 million new immigrants by the end of 2024 and attain permanent residency there. Canada is known for its diverse culture. We create a pathway for the people dreaming of immigrating there and becoming permanent residents or trying to make it big by going there. If you are looking for a Canada PR consultancy in Ahmedabad, you are at the right place. We have the best PR consultants in Ahmedabad, it has been more than 10 years of experience since we established our PR consultancy in the city.

    A permanent resident is someone who has been granted PR status after living in Canada but has not attained citizenship of Canada. Permanent inhabitants are foreign nationals.

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    Quickest visa approval within 3 months

    I have been very satisfied with the services provided by First Step Immigration. After looking at a lot of immigration service providers, I chose them and they helped me get my visa very easily.

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    First Step Immigration, are the best immigration consultants in Ahmedabad, I have had a very good experience with them. All immigration consultants are very professional and polite, and they take care of their clients.


    Common Ways to Get a PR Visa

    There are four comparatively easier ways to apply for PR, and there are high chances of getting the approval soon,

    • Express Entry: It is Canada’s most popular and fastest immigration scheme. Candidates who file through the Express Entry system may be granted permanent residency in as little as six months. Furthermore, Canada intends to welcome 500,000 immigrants by 2025. For Express Entry you must be eligible for one of three streams. Later, you will get an invitation to apply for getting permanent residence if you are the candidate with the highest credentials in the Express Entry pool.
    • Provincial Nominee Program: Provinces continue to nominate overseas employees for Canadian permanent residence throughout the pandemic. However, the processes and eligibility criteria for all 10 provinces and three territories and quite different from one another. Some provinces ask to apply for the nomination, sometimes, it solely asks for candidates from overseas for their ability to respond to its labour market needs.

    In process of immigration, for people who are looking for a Canada PR visa consultant in Ahmedabad, we provide the best services, with the procedure you would appreciate.

    Other Ways to Get a PR Visa

    PR has become quite a basic need for people that are trying to immigrate to Canada,

    • Business Immigration: If you have expertise managing or owning your own business, a federal or provincial business immigration program may be the simplest method for you to immigrate to Canada. The federal government has immigration programs for people who want to work for themselves or establish a business in Canada.
    • Sponsorship Program: If you have a family member who is residing in Canada, and is already a permanent resident, then a sponsorship program can be the easiest way for you to immigrate to Canada. If you have a spouse, child, or grandchild who is a permanent resident or citizen of Canada, you may be eligible for family sponsorship. You can invite them here, just by having a stable income and relevant documents.

    Since there are popular programs demonstrated by many Canada PR consultants in Ahmedabad. However, our experts will help you with the visa process, our consultancy is the best-known PR consultancies in Ahmedabad city.

    best pr visa consultant in ahmedabad

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    Our consultancy is having team of experts with experience of more than 2 years. Our experts can assist you and make the process smooth and less complicated. If you are looking for trusted Canada PR consultancies in Ahmedabad then, First Step Immigration is the one-stop solution for all the people residing in the city. We are the best consultancy for Canada PR in Ahmedabad. Our experts will try to ease your process and assist you with application and documentation. Contact our experts for further details.


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