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    Island of Dreams: Embrace PEI's Opportunities

    Prince Edward Island (PEI) is Canada’s smallest territory, consisting of the island and several surrounding isles. PEI is known as “Canada’s Birthplace.” The “Charlottetown Conference,” which resulted in the formation of the nation, took place in PEI in 1864. The island region is well-known not only for its lush farmland and stunning coastlines but also for having a thriving economy based on agriculture, tourism, and fishing.

    Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program (PEI PNP)

    Prince Edward Island’s Provincial Nominee Program, also known as PEI PNP, is a program for all immigrants who desire to obtain permanent residency by taking up employment in the province.  This program is the pathway for immigrants who have the skills and experience in their respective fields that are needed by the province and may fulfil the requirement of a Prince Edward Island Provincial Nomination Certificate through this program. Later,  they are also eligible to apply for permanent residence with the federal government of Canada.

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    Streams Coming Under Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program

    The PEI PNP allows prospective newcomers from abroad to obtain a provincial nomination through one of its many immigration streams of their choice, which may accelerate their path to Canadian permanent residence. The province has three different groups for its immigration streams:

    • PEI Express Entry: Potential immigrants who have expressed a desire to live and work in Prince Edward Island and are in the federal Express Entry pool may be qualified for PEI Express Entry. Candidates must fall under one of the federal economic immigration categories, but only those whose qualifications match the province’s present labour shortages will be considered the Express Entry PNP.
    • PEI Labour Impact: Applications for provincial nomination through one of Prince Edward Island’s Labour Impact streams are welcome from foreign employees and recent grads. This program is also a shortcut to obtaining a permanent residence. Programs here have a lot to offer to the individuals who are already working under a PEI employer the chance to access to an accelerated path to permanent residency should they receive PEI PNP.
    1. Skilled Workers in PEI
    2. Skilled Workers Outside Canada
    3. Critical Worker
    4. International Graduate

    Stream for Entrepreneur

    • PEI Business Impact: Individuals seeking to immigrate to Canada on a business visa may benefit from the Business Impact stream of the PEI PNP by starting a company with 100% ownership in the business you are deciding to establish or investing in a new or existing PEI business. There also could be the decision to tie up with the PEI company to get a work permit, which will make the process of permanent residency quite easier.
    1. Work Permit
    2. 100% Ownership
    3. Partial Ownership
    PEI Express Entry

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