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Student Visa Consultant In Ahmedabad

First Step Immigration is one of the forefront overseas education consultancies in India, where our goal is to aide students with a dream of studying abroad, in their field of choice in the right destination. The consultancy has considerable years of experience and has worked with students from varied educational backgrounds to study in Canada, USA, UK, New Zealand, Australia or Europe.


The services we provide are customized to be best suited for our clients.

1. Assessment and Options
Our consultants help the student to assess the academic achievements and any work experience related to that and future academic requirements that would enable them to fulfill their career dreams.

2. Academic Institution Selection
With their experienced background, our counselors work with the student to select the country / academic institution most suitable after considering the Academic, financial, cultural, and social environments.

3. Application Processing
Missing out on documents or information, or even having unwanted information on your application forms can cost a student their admission. Our counselors verify the application with utmost care and provide guidance in the complete process.

4. Financial Planning
Planning of financial aspect is important as at their face value some academic institutions appear to be beyond financial means. However there are is a variety of financial assistance like student loans and other funding sources.

5. Visa Processing
Filing and processing Visa needs meticulous inputs. Being immigration experts, our team of consultants, professionally manage the processing and the approval of your Student Visa applications.

6. Travel Arrangements and Accommodation
We believe in complete customer satisfaction, hence we provide post landing assistance such as travel arrangements and initial accommodation.






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