Video Testimonials

Our client Mr. Hardik Dabi, received his Canada PR in just 4 bands and it’s a success story that we are so proud of! With a dedicated team of immigration consultants behind you, your dream of getting a Canada PR can come true as well!

Hardik Dabi - Canada

One of our most heart-warming success stories, Mr Satyendra Chauhan had been dreaming of going to Canada for last 10 years, however his dream could not be realised by other consultancies.

Satyendra Chauhan - Canada

Mr. Rakesh M Patel, just received his Canada PR and it was a hard fought success story that we are so proud of! We believe in giving our clients our all, and ensuring that their dreams are realised – their happiness is really what drives us to give our best!

Rakesh Patel - Canada

Our client Mrs. Alice Vicky Patel talks about how First Step Immigration helped her in getting a Canada PR and how she is thoroughly satisfied with our services. Always striving to make sure that our clients’ dreams of moving to Canada comes to true First Step Immigration provides you with the smoothest, most credible and accurate guide that can help you get a Canada PR in 5 Bands* only.

Mrs Alice Patel - Canada

At First Step Immigration, we take immense joy and pride in our success stories. One such story is of Mr Ravi Patel, who just received his nomination from Saskatchewan within 3 months of starting the process.

Ravi Patel - Canada

At First Step Immigration, we always strive to give our best and make sure that our clients get the best results. Such is the case with our happy client Miss Nisha Patel, who got an invitation for Saskatchewan within 25 days of applying and her nomination within 6 months!

Nisha Patel - Canada

Mr. Yogesh Hirpara, just received his Canada PR and his success story has made us just as happy him! When you have a team of dedicated consultants working for you 24X7, success is not far away.

Yogesh Hirpara - Canada

Success for us is only measured by our client’s satisfaction. Our team of PR experts work around the clock to make sure that each client of ours can fulfil their dream of settling down in Canada. Heartiest congratulations to Mrs. Simran and Mr. Jasveer Singh who got their Canadian PR. As Mrs. Simran says our one year of hard work led to fruition and we delivered our promise of being with them from the first step to the final one.

Mr & Mrs Singh - Canada

Our client Ms. Ankita Patel, got her Canada PR process in completed within 6 months of coming to us and it’s a success story that makes us so happy! Our team of immigration consultants, work round the clock to make sure that all your PR dreams can come true!

Ankita Patel - Canada

Congratulations are in order for Mr Devang Patel, who recently received his Canada PR for Saskatchewan. It is always so heartening to see that smile of satisfaction on the faces of our clients, it makes our efforts worth it. We wish him the best for his new beginning in Canada.

With First Step Immigration, you can be assured that you will undergo the smoothers and most hassle-free immigration process, as we take care of your needs from end to end.

Devang Patel - Canada

About Our Customer Say

ANKIT KALAL Canada, 13 Sep 2022

I came to First Step Immigration, after a recommendation, since I was looking for the best immigration consultants in Ahmedabad. It’s safe to say, that I have had a fantastic experience with them, and they took care of all my needs without me having to worry a single bit. I would like to forward the recommendation to all.

PAVAN PATEL Canada, 11 Jul 2022

After getting accepted into a Canadian university, I was very worried about getting my student visa. My student visa consultant was very helpful in getting me my visa on time, and now I can finally achieve my dream of studying in Canada

JIGAR SONI Canada, 03 Jun 2022

I have been very satisfied with the services provided by First Step Immigration. After looking at a lot of immigration service providers, I chose them and they helped me get my visa very easily.

NIKUNJ VAISHNAV Canada, 06 May 2022

First Step Immigration, has very professional immigration consultants working for them. They answered all my questions and made sure that I was taken care of. I would recommend them to everyone.

PRIYESH MAKADIA Canada, 08 Apr 2022

I was initially very scared about getting my visa, then I came across First Step Immigration. My immigration consultant was very nice and professional, I made sure that I knew everything about getting the visa process. I faced no problem with them.

BHOOMI MODI Canada, 22 Mar 2022

First Step Immigration has been extremely helpful in getting me my Australia PR. The consultants are very polite and professional, and the services have been exemplary

RINKU HARDIK PATEL Canada, 17 Mar 2022

I was recommended First Step Immigration, by a relative and it was the best decision I made to go to them. They took care of all my requirements, and I didn’t have to do anything. I got my visa very soon.

NIKUNJ PATEL Canada, 05 Feb 2022

First Step Immigration, is very reliable and professional. I would like to recommend them for all kinds of visa services. They give me the right guidance about moving to Australia and I was able to get my visa only because of that.

NIMESH PATEL Canada, 01 Jan 2022

First Step Immigration, are the best immigration consultants in Ahmedabad, I have had a very good experience with them. All immigration consultants are very professional and polite, and they take care of their clients.