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One of the most common queries that you might have about gaining Express Entry to Canada is the language test. The question you might have in your mind is that what score would you need on the language test to be able to get an Express Entry to Canada. Answering that question, we will tell you that individuals who are looking to immigrate to Canada as a skilled migrant via the Express Entry option have to undergo one of the approved language skill tests. This, as your Canada visa consultant in Ahmedabad will tell you, means that the language test can be of high stakes for immigrants to Canada as getting a low score could enter prohibiting your entry depending upon the visa that you are applying for, or even where you plan to work or study.

Now coming to the question who needs to take the language test – people who are seeking to get entrance into Canada through the Express Entry program are required to complete the language test. Express Entry is actually available for skilled workers who are looking for permanent residence. You need to be considered for a job offer in order to apply for Express Entry and depending upon your language proficiency, education, age, work experience, etc. the final considerations are made. Your Canada PR visa consultant in Ahmedabad will help you in applying for express entry online and if you are finally granted approval then your immigration process will become much quicker and smoother, hence, it is the best advice that you use a consultant.

Basically, there are two different kinds of tests which are approved in order to determine your language proficiency. The international English language testing program or IELTS is actually the world’s most popular language test with almost 3,000,000 being completed annually. The candidates who are appearing for IELTS need to take the general training test since the academic option is not accepted. IELTS will test your English proficiency and rank it on a scale from 1 to 9 – this will include your reading, listening, speaking and writing. The score that you need in this test is dependent upon the Visa that you seek – most positions generally need a score of four above but area tested while there are some that might even need a seven and above for positions that are for more skilled people.

Of course, there are alternative English language proficiency tests that your Canada immigration consultant in Ahmedabad can tell you about. Test like the Canadian English language proficiency English program or CELPIP might be required by the company that is offering you a job. Apart from this, some people might also have to take the test which is for testing your French also known as Test d’Evaluation de Français or TEF. However, for clarity sake mostly you take I ELTS as your choice of language proficiency test, it will be much easier for the immigration consultant in Ahmedabad to be able to assist you and get you the PR that you need.

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