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    What is Visit Visa?

    Visitors with visit visas can travel temporarily to any desired destination. The holders of visiting visas might vary in their intention to visit the country. A visitor’s visa is for those who want to travel to the country for different aspects to travel. A visitor visa may be obtained for a variety of reasons, including travel for pleasure, work, or medical treatment. For the visa officer to approve the application, the goal of this visit must be made abundantly clear. Additionally, the visitor must demonstrate a desire to go back to their nation of origin after the visit’s objectives are met. The visitor visa application has a strict deadline, and the applicant must also specify precisely how long they plan to stay in the nation.

    The length of the visa varies based on the nation a person wants to visit. The application and the purpose of the stay will both affect the length of the visa. If one wants their application to be processed quickly, one must thoroughly understand and follow the country’s rules regarding this visa.

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    Visitor Visa for the USA

    B-1 and B-2 Visitors can enter the United States of America with a visa. B-1 visas are typically used for work travel, whereas B-2 visas are used for vacations or medical visits to the USA. The processing period will take about 30 days from the application submission date.

    • Both studying and working are not permitted in the United States while you have this passport. Visa for visitors must be approved. To obtain a visa, you must submit and have it stamped in your passport.
    • A visitor visa is only issued for specific purposes, such as travel, medical care, etc.
    • During your visit to the US during this time, you are not permitted to engage in any business activities.
    • The maximum stay in the USA is 6 months, and this is subject to approval at the port of entry at the US airport upon arrival.
    • By submitting an extension application to USCIS and paying the necessary fee, you can extend the visitor visa for an additional six months.

    Visitor Visa for New Zealand

    • If you want to apply for a visitor visa for your temporary stay in the country, then your intention to stay shall be purely leisure or personal and not work or study.
    • You can travel to New Zealand whether it is for travelling purposes, or reuniting with friends and family, but you cannot go for more than three months.
    • For your visa to get approved, you would need a medical certificate, identity proof, a certificate of your good character, and proof of your financial stability.

    Our Work Process

    Step 1

    Assessment of the suitable destination

    Step 2

    Processing for visa application

    Step 3

    Receiving the approval, processing for departure

    Tourist Visa for the UK

    • Candidates who wish to travel to the UK for leisure, work, medical, or family purposes must apply for a visitor visa. An individual must demonstrate their intent to depart the UK after their stay to receive a visa approval;
    • Proof of the applicant’s intended actions in the UK should be provided, along with the necessary financial documentation.
    • You can go there for leisure purposes or personal reasons to meet, but you cannot go there for education or paid or unpaid work.

    Visit Visa for Australia

    • Although the causes for the visits may vary, we still require a valid visitor visa in order to travel to Australia. the main cub classifications are 601 electronic travel authority, and 600 visas. e-visas (651), work-and-vacation (462), and working holidays (417) are available.
    • The length of the tenure maybe 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months. The processing period is roughly 20 days from the application submission date.
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