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Canada Student Visa

February 15, 2020 ( 0 ) Comment

Hundreds and thousands of students go to Canada every year to make the most of the educational opportunities. The fact of the matter is that Canada provides students with world-class education facilities and opportunities, hence we do not blame you at all for wanting to study in Canada and as your student visa consultant for Canada we can really suggest you and guide you in the following manner.

Everyone knows a certain criteria need to be fulfilled before you can apply for Canada student visa, this means that you will have to look into certain aspects before you can go to study in Canada legally.

So to start off with anything let us first understand more about the study permit in Canada and what is all about:

To simplify it, a study permit is generally a document that will allow any student from a foreign country to be able to study in Canada. In Canada instead of calling it a study visa it is called the study permit and even though there are certain facilities that you can avail when you are studying in Canada like working etc. You are only elegible for a permit if you can provide the Canadian government for the proof that you will be studying an institution that has been deemed to be a DLI or a designated learning Institution.

Now when it comes to understanding what a DLI is – to put it quite simply it will be an educational institution, which the Canadian government has approved to invite foreign students to be able to study there. Generally most primary as well as secondary schools in Canada are DLIs, means that they can invite students from abroad to study in the institutes. Having said this however, all after-secondary educational schools, do not have a DLI status, hence make sure that you go through the list that the Canadian government has provided before you think of applying to any institute. To make this process even simpler if you’re getting yourself Canadian immigration services and Ahmedabad your Visa consultant will help you out with this process and ensure that you are applying to the right Institute.

Now that we have clarified only two things, now let us understand the procedure that needs to be followed for you to apply for the study permit in Canada. The first step before you can apply, you need to a certain that you have got yourself an acceptance letter from a university that is a DLI. Why this is important is because this acceptance letter is going to continue that all the details that are needed for you to prepare your application. If you are concerned about how you are going to study and work and if you are going to be eligible for it, then let us assure you that if you have any study permit then you are generally eligible to avail yourself post graduate work permits as well. So if you plan to stay on in Canada and continue working then you need to make sure that you ask your student visa consultant for Canada to check that the program that you’re entering as an eligibility for PGWP as well.

Once you have secured yourself an acceptance letter from a DLI, then you can begin preparing your application. Here you need to keep in mind that applying for the study permit means that you will require a lot of documents which will have to prove about what your intentions about going to Canada are and that you have enough finances to be able to support yourself.

Now that we have cleared up these few things that Is look into the study permit criteria and the kind of documentation that you will have to provide:

  • The Acceptance Letter From a DLI: First and foremost you will have to provide the acceptance letter which has been furnished by the educational institution that you have applied to.
  • Financial Support Proofs: Second you need to make sure that you demonstrate to the Canadian government that you have enough financial advantage to support yourself and if any other family member is planning to company you in your first year of residency, you also need to make sure that you cannot only cover your tuition fee but also the general cost of living that is associated with studying in Canada.
  • Documents for Identity Verification: You will required to furnish your birth certificate, or marriage certificate as well if applicable and your passport.

Once all of these criteria have been fulfilled and the processes have been taken care of, the applicant now has the option of submitting their application either using an online portal or if you hire yourself a student visa consultant for Canada he or she will take care of this process. Even if you need to do a paper visa application that has to be submitted at the relevant Visa Centre, it will be taken care of. Now coming to the time for processing, it gently varies from country to country and it can range anywhere between a few weeks to a few months. So keeping this in mind, you need to make sure that you are doing it in a timely fashion so that you do not miss the starting of your studies and your study permit comes back on time.

Coming to another burning question that a lot of students have, you as an international student will be allowed to work on a part-time basis even when you’re studying for time. The exception can occur, during holidays and breaks where you can be working full time. You must, however, keep in mind that once your study permit expires and that is when you stop being a student anymore you need to stop work immediately as the terms and condition of your study permit require you to leave Canada once that happens unless you have managed to get yourself a new permit. Please note that if you violate the terms of your permit you might be prosecuted and as your Canada Visa consultants in Ahmedabad we must warn you against this. So there you have it, this is all you need to know regarding getting a study permit for Canada, contact us to get your process started immediately.

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