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Canada PR Visa

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Canada’s flexible immigration policies and cultural diversity along with the demographic values and career options offer opportunities Canada has become the most preferred country for immigration for a number of Indians.

Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for your reference

What is Canada Permanent Resident Visa?

A Permanent Resident Visa holder is not a citizen of Canada, however, has been given the status of a permanent resident. It is used especially for immigrants for re-entry into Canada.

What are the key benefits for PR in Canada?

A PR visa gives you the permission to live, study or work anywhere in Canada. A PR visa holder is also eligible to apply for Canadian Citizenship. It also opens the doors for healthcare benefits and other social benefits.

What documents will I require?

You will require the following documents. The list is subject to change as per changing laws and a Canada PR Visa Consultant will be able to guide you expertly as regards to all the documentation you will require. To get you started, here are a few pointers.

  • Funds proof to support your application
  • Educational Credential assessment
  • Originals and copies of the documents that the application requires such as educational degrees, diplomas and other certificates.
  • Personal identification documents and sponsor information.
  • Skills assessment test results and IELTS results.

What options do I have?

Canada has a number of programs designed to help immigrants.

  1. Skilled immigrants Program (Express Entry)
  2. Self Employed persons
  3. Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)
  4. Quebec Skilled Workers Program (QSWP)
  5. Startup Visa
  6. Sponsorship Programs

Understanding the constraints for each of the about could get daunting. A Canada PR Visa Consultant will be able to assist you on which one is the best for you.

How do I process the Canada PR Visa from India?

You will need to apply for the visa in the Canada Immigration Center in India. The processing for the visa begins through the high commission or Embassy of Canada. You will need to submit an appropriately filled permanent residence visa application, provide the application processing fee and attend an interview that will be held in with the Immigration Representative. You will also need other documentation such as a medical and character certificate.

Where do I get support?

The Canada visa process has a number of rounds and the immigration process is points based. So, if you aren’t aware of the entire process, it’s a good idea to avail services of a PR consultant. Select a reliable and reputable consultant to ensure that your process is smooth and you do not experience any bottlenecks down the way.

Your visa process could be as easy or as difficult as you make it. Having the guidance of an expert Canada immigration Consultant In Ahmedabad could make all the difference. Your consultant can help you analyze the requirements and get all your documents together to make your application as smooth as possible and also get you ready for the process.

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