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Given financial constraints and let’s say an overall need to be financially comfortable a lot of students like to work while studying. Now if you’re in a different country you might have a question for your Canada student visa consultant in Ahmedabad – if will you be allowed to work as an international student in Canada? The answer to that is yes you can!

The first step to being able to work as an international student is to get your study permit. What is a study permit you ask? A study permit is actually a document that is issued by the Canadian government which allows for nationals to study at a particular institution in Canada. If you need to apply for a study permit you will have to also fulfill certain conditions such as getting a valid acceptance letter. Once issued, a study permit is generally valid for the length of your program and gives you an extra 90 days after the program as well. This extra window is actually given to students so that they can plan their departure. Without deviating from the point, as a Canada student visa consultant in Ahmedabad let us tell you that the study permit or in fact majority of the Canadian study permit allows international students to work part-time for a maximum of 20 hours per week during their regular College schedule and for longer breaks they allow you to work full time as well.

Anyone who wants to be employed in Canada, needs to hold a social insurance number or SIN which is a nine-digit identifier that will be issued to you by the Canadian government. Now for students who wish to work, they need to first apply for a SIN to Service Canada and once you have that, you can find a job. As the best Canada immigration consultant in Ahmedabad, we would suggest that it is in your interest that you check with your college or university as a lot of educational institutions to offer employment opportunities to the students who actually help in offsetting the cost of the school.

You may not know this but Canada receives almost 350,000 international students each year and it is a number that has increased by almost 120% since the year 2010. Since it is fast becoming the top choice for international students for being much more affordable as compared to other international destinations. Apart from this, as your Canada immigration consultant in Ahmedabad we can tell you that they are much more receptive and tolerant as compared to other places.

Given that a lot of people want to settle down in Canada post-graduate studies, as your Canada student visa consultant in Ahmedabad we would encourage you to work in Canada so that it gives you an idea about what the workplace situation in Canada is like. Since the Canadian government is quite encouraging about granting a PR to international students post the completion of the course, it is going to be a lot easier for you to be able to understand the work situation in Canada and also be able to make extra money, which of course, is a win-win!

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