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March 24, 2020 ( 0 ) Comment

As a student when you think about going to study abroad, your Canada student visa consultant in Ahmedabad will tell you that there are so many factors that you might keep in mind. You look for countries that provide a great quality of life and also give you the best internationally recognized degrees and universities. You will also probably think about other criteria such as how safe it is for you to live there and if the country has a tiny multicultural environment that you could be a part of. If you think of all of these criteria put together then Canada is one of the most sought after destinations for students to go and study, so much so that we observed while providing Canada immigration services in Ahmedabad. You can imagine its popularity by the fact that in the year 2019 alone Canada issued almost 400,000 study permits for international students. Wait this gets even better if you are thinking about how as an Indian student you can benefit from Canada let us tell you that out of these 400,000 study permits 1,39,000 study permits were issued to Indian students alone. Play that Canada is really the top choice for students everywhere to go to.

Now, this is something that has been consistently the case with Canada, as the best Canada immigration consultants in Ahmedabad we can tell you that, what this which is that this is for the second consecutive year alone that the Canada immigration agency has given over one lakh permits to Indian students. Send that over almost 34.5% of the market share went to Indian students and there has been a significant increase of almost 13.8% from the last year this means that the year 2020 is something that most students are looking forward to giving in the pattern that Canada has followed you might be looking at even more permits this year which is, of course, a win-win for Indian students.

What is the reason behind the soaring rates and why are foreign students increasingly pursuing and choosing Canada for their academic career? Looking into this, as the best immigration consultants in Ahmedabad we will demystify this for you and you will see that all this can be attributed to a lot of factors like how there is uncertainty in terms of the optional training programs that the US is offering to international students in fact, all these issues will eventually be sorted by in court intervention, apart from this since there is problem of the H1B visa which is actually the work visa which is most commonly used by Indians at entry-level. If you compare it to the state in Canada after you have completed your studies you have many more options and chances to be able to get a well-paying job and eventually settle down the country. This is actually the primary reason why the numbers have started going up. Apart from this the country also is home to a lot of renowned universities like the University of Toronto, University of Waterloo and McGill University and students are really keen on attending them, what are a lot of times as they Canada student visa consultant in Ahmedabad.

Another decisive factor is the fact that Canada also allows its students to be able to work part-time so that they can be able to gain some sort of financial autonomy and be able to fund their studies and after that, they can also get a post-graduation work permit or a PGWP. PGWP is generally valid for maximum up to 3 years which is generally dependent upon the duration of the study course, and also if you look at the express entry route if you have work experience of studying or working in Canada then you can get extra points, as the best wide of the Canada immigration service in Ahmedabad, we can tell you that, due to this which means that route to be able to gain a Canadian PR or permanent residency is something that becomes much more easier through this channel. Apart from this another very major factor is the fact that since Indians are very keen on technology and the engineering forces, they have been increasing job opportunities in Canada in this sphere.

Of course, it is really easy to understand that one of the most important factors is that you think about where it comes to education is the fact that you want to build a better life for yourself and the path to getting a better job comes from getting a good education. As the top Canada Visa consultants in Ahmedabad, we can tell you that Canada offers you a real high quality of living and is one of the best countries in the world consistently to live in. This is one of the other reasons why students are now choosing Canada as one of the best options for migration. Apart from this, students who are looking at careers in more futuristic science, biology, engineering, IT, etc. will end up opting to go to Canada and study more seriously in the universities of Toronto and Vancouver. Looking at the market segment then students are definitely better in Canada these days, and apart from this the flexible laws that are in place for immigration in Canada which would include being able to extend or convert your PGWP into an extra extension that you get 90 days for, it has really become immigration friendly and hence if you are a student in India who has been thinking about going abroad to study Canada is really one of the best options out there any Canada student visa consultant in Ahmedabad will tell you.

Hence, with Canada opening up so many new opportunities and chances for students from India to be able to study and maybe eventually settle down in Canada this is an opportunity that you must make the most out of and come to us to be your Canada student visa consultants in Ahmedabad so that we can ensure that you can move to Canada in the most hassle-free manner and be able to build a career from thereby gaining access to world-class education and also employment opportunities and maybe eventually also settle for Canada PR.

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