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Canadian Citizenship for Indians – a 50% Rise Last Year!

Canadian Citizenship for Indians – a 50% rise last year!

A number of Indians residing in Canada are taking a more permanent step for their immigration by opting for Canadian Citizenship. After having lived in the country for a specified duration as permanent residents, around 15000 Indians obtained citizenship. India figured in the second highest number of applications from those claiming Canadian Citizenship – Philippines topped the list.

Within 10 months in 2018, around October, there were 1.39 Lakh permanent residents who became Canadian citizens and statistics show that among these, almost 11% were Indians. These, however, are preliminary numbers and the actual final numbers are estimated to be much higher. Since 2017, the time period for which a permanent must be physically present in Canada before applying for citizenship has reduced and it has become easier to qualify as well as to apply for Canadian citizenship. As compared to a 4 year residency, the new policy now requires that the permanent resident be physically present in Canada for 3 out of five years. This is why in the recent years; more and more Indians are applying for citizenship in Canada. we are one of the best Canada Pr Visa Consultant In Ahmedabad apply now.

Citizenship offers individuals more benefits and grants. Unlike permanent residency, it offers greater mobility, eligibility to work in the government sector and the right to vote. It also grants citizens the right to apply for TN (Trade National) visa in order to enter and work in the US. While this is similar to the H1B work visa, but it is not subject to the annual cap and is easier to obtain too.

With all these changes, India has emerged as one of the top source countries for permanent residency in Canada. Around 51000 Indians were admitted as permanent residents in Canada during 2015.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada is the federal department that facilitates the arrival of immigrants into Canada and estimates that 1.53 Lakh people would have obtained Canadian citizenship by October 2018. It also adds that after the changes in regulation, 2.42 Lakh applications for citizenship were received that corresponded to more than double of the previous year. The processing time for the applications still remained 12 months. However, there are many individuals who have not yet obtained Canadian Citizenship and need to commute daily from the US to Canada for work.

Indians at the top for PR status

The top most source country for permanent residents being admitted during 2017 in Canada was India with 18% of the total admitted. This was a 30% rise over the previous year. These numbers toppled Philippines with 40857 getting entry into Canada and was followed by the Chinese with 30270.

According to the Canada Immigration plan, more than a million new immigrations will be admitted over the next three years. Further, the trend is likely to continue given the growth in the technology sector in Canada.

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