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February 8, 2020 ( 0 ) Comment

The year 2019 has drawn to a close and it has been an exciting year in immigration. We can now say with confidence that it does not seem like it’s going to slow down any time soon. In 2020 immigration is actually creating a buzz as the government has decided to increase immigration targets and is planning to welcome more than 1 million immigrants over the next five years. This is the right time hence, for you to consult a Canada PR visa consultant in Ahmedabad and let him guide you in making the best decision regarding moving to Canada. So here’s taking a look at what the year has in store for Canadian immigration and for you, if you’re looking to move to Canada.

Express Entry:

In the world of Express Entry, 2019, has been quite a busy year and this is something that is going to continue in 2020, of that we are hopeful. The last draw of 2019 saw almost 3200 invitations to apply for eligible candidates which brought in a total of 85,300 in the year, a number actually much more than the federal immigration targets that had been set for the year.

In 2020 we are supremely excited to notice that the Canadian federal government has started off the year by setting ambitious immigration targets in mind and we are hopeful that the number of invitations to apply that will be issued this year, will also exceeded expectations. So it is best that you discuss your Express Entry options with your Canada Visa Consultant in Ahmedabad and let him help you in getting your PR in the best way possible.

Provincial Nominee Program:

Certain Canadian provinces like Ontario have now asked the federal government to actually double the number of economic immigrants that were initially eligible to be able to enter Ontario under the Immigrant Nominee Program. If the request from Ontario is granted by the federal government, we are expecting to see a significant number of increase in the invitations that will be issued under the programme. So if you have been wanting to settle in Ontario you need to get in touch with a Canada immigration consultant in Ahmedabad as soon as possible and he will guide you in the right manner.

To meet the province’s new demands the federal government is hoping to increase the number of invitations to apply from 7000 to 13,000 over the next few years which is a fantastic news for skilled workers that are planning to move to Canada. With a province like Ontario showing interest in increasing its immigration intake, we are quite hopeful that the other provinces will also follow suite that means your Canada immigration consultant in Ahmedabad will be able to provide accurate you with the most accurate guidance regarding the best options you have.

International Students:

Even in the year 2020 Canada will continue to be one of the best places for international students to study, so your Canada student visa consultant in Ahmedabad is the best person to help you get a student study permit. Since the federal government has continued to provide students with the option of getting a post graduate work permit which will allow you as a graduate to stay in the country and also get work experience that is quite valuable – as an international student it does not get much better than Canada.

Thus the year, 2020 is gearing up to be an interesting and year, and ready to usher in an even better decade. For best and most hassle free immigration experience, contact our experienced, Canadian Immigration Consultants in Ahmedabad and we will help you get a Canadian PR or Student Visa in no time!

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