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August 31, 2020 ( 0 ) Comment

As the top Canada student visa consultant in Ahmedabad, one of the most common questions that we have been getting due to the pandemic is regarding the changes in rules regarding Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) for international students. As we all know the Coronavirus pandemic has disrupted a lot of immigration plans and especially for students who had been planning to go abroad and study in Canada this is the time of major uncertainty for them.

First Step Immigration has always prided itself on being home to the best ICCRC approved consultant in Ahmedabad, and hence we are always here to give you the most accurate latest information regarding any changes in immigration programs for Canada. Hence, as Canada introduced a new set of rules for international students who are looking to start their study in the fall of 2020, we had to update you regarding it.

Traditionally speaking, PGWP is in place to help international students in obtaining work experience in Canada after completing their educational program at a Designated Learning Institute (DLI) in Canada. Generally, international students need to have completed a full-time course in Canada that is of at least eight months at a DLI so that they can be eligible for a PGWP. Apart from this, we must tell you as the best visa consultant in Ahmedabad, the study program that a student applies for needs to end up in them getting a diploma, degree or certificate. Of course, the length or duration of getting a PGWP is dependent upon the duration of the study program that the student applies in Canada for.

One can see the table below to assess the continual growth of study permit holders in Canada over the years:

pg courses in canada 2020
Source: Canadapt.ca 

Owing to the coronavirus pandemic, following changes have now been made for the study and PGWP rules. When you are making a Canada study visa checklist, here are things that you can keep in mind as well and should be informed about.

  • You can have an online program as a student and you’ll be eligible for a 3-year PGWP post arriving in Canada. , any courses that were taken online, did not account for any study requirements that were required in a PGWP application. However, owing to the fact that there are many coronavirus-related travel interruptions around the world, the ICCRC has now decided to permit international students to be able to apply online when they are in their native countries and still be eligible to apply for a work permit post their graduation.
  • For international students that are applying now, we should tell you, as the top Canada student visa consultant in Ahmedabad, that they will now be able to start their study programmes at a DLI in an online mode, in fall 2020. As per the new change, students will be eligible for completing almost 50% of the program while they are not in Canada, and then also be able to get a PGWP and be able to apply for jobs in Canada once the course has been completed.
  • The IRCC has also issued directives that international students will not have any sort of time duration deducted from the duration of the PGWP for the length of time that they are going to not be in Canada, up to 31 December 2020.

Now looking at these regulation changes, 

Now looking at these regulation changes, we at First Step Immigration, would like to talk about how certain scenarios might fit your requirement. For example, as an international student, you could think of applying to a DLI for online enrolment, this fall, while at the same time being eligible for a PGWP of a maximum of three years. This means that, as long as you are going to land in Canada by the end of 2020 and then go on to qualify/apply for an educational program that is going to last at least two years, you are safe to go.

If you are wondering why this announcement is so important, then as the best Canada student visa consultant in Ahmedabad, let us tell you that PGWP is really sought-after amongst the international student community in Canada. Since, PGWPS international students work in Canada for up to 3 years, post the completion of their studies, a lot of students want to go on for this option. Having work experience in Canada can go a long way in being able to apply for a PR in the country. Hence, if you really want to settle down and immigrate to Canada then post your education completion, this is one of the best ways to go forward.

Canada will turn out to be much more alluring to global understudies because of these changes as:

  • Canada has demonstrated to be one of the world’s most appealing goals for global understudies lately because of the accompanying reasons: 
  1. Canada offers a high calibre of training; 
  2. Understudies and their mates and accomplices can work during and after their investigations; 
  3. Canada offers the chance to contemplate and live in English or potentially French situations; 
  4. Canada is an exceptionally protected nation; 
  5. Canada invites migrants, global understudies, unfamiliar specialists, and guests from exactly 200 nations every year; 
  6. Canada is more moderate than other famous global understudy goals, to some degree on account of the more fragile Canadian dollar; and 
  7. There are more than 80 perpetual occupant pathways for worldwide understudies; in 2018, about 54,000 previous global understudies acquired Canadian lasting habitation.

Hence, we at First Step Immigration, are your one-stop solution, to be able to study and work in Canada. Applying for a study permit with us means that you can forget all the hassles as we will take care of the things that are necessary for your Canada study visa checklist. Hence reach out to us, and our consultants will make sure you get your Canada study permit and time and can begin your new life enrolled in a world-class university in Canada.

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