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2019 has experience a sudden boom in the market of Ahmadabad as well as in other cities with a swing in the news of Canada inviting more than 2 lacs immigrants to its Homeland. This has been exceptional news since many of us have been trying to settle down in the country of this Maple leaf.  The moment such questions arises, one thinks of hiring or appointing an Immigration consultant in ahmedabad who can guide us in a proper way.

Unlike the prior rules, now there are many different ways that one can travel down to Canada or likewise to have a permit to stay in Canada and work as well. But we must not forget that Immigration to Canada is not an easy Task.  There are many different steps of procedures one has to follow in regards to have their application to reach the right track. Once has to make a perfect choice on how he/she can have the perfect program or type of immigration request made so that the documents gets approval in time and there are no if’s and buts left  in the process completion.

It has been always advised that hiring an expert visa consultant in ahmedabad for all such immigration matters or applying for PR in Canada.  We are Proud that in Ahmadabad people has choose us as their trusted  visa consultant as we bring in knowledge of getting the files and process in line and within line itself assuring the work accuracy.

Express Entry Program

Express entry program is a Canadian Immigration Program that allows applicants or immigrants to live and work in Canada as a skilled worker. Here the candidates who have applied for visa to live in Canada are the one who are skilled and/or possessed the relevant qualifications under federal economic immigration programs list which states all the required qualification details:

Federal Skilled Worker Program is also terms as FSWP. We also have another category in here for business class people which falls in the Federal Skilled Trades Program termed in as FSTP, and the last in is the Canadian Experience Class known as CEC. These are the three basic ways in for EEP. The Express Entry program will also allow individual other territories to use the of the Provincial Nominee Programs so that skilled manpower market demands are met.

Family Sponsorship Visa

Family sponsorship visa remains a main stone of Canada immigration policy. It has been viable that Families who are currently residing in Canada can sponsor their other friends and family members to come to Canada on a permanent basis to live. For such cases, having proper guidance through the Visa consultant’s one can qualify to Sponsor their relative. Here you have to be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident for getting this right. The right and easy other way is to bring relatives to Canada under the Super Visa Category.

Work Visa

We have managed many cased across Ahmadabad where our applicants for Canadian immigration  has first got Canadian job offers, and then we have applied for a work visa and then on that basis, immigration/ visa to Canada takes place. This work visa category gets approved when you have secured a Canadian job offer, having the Canadian employer apply for a work visa though Department of Immigration Service Canada. Gets approved. Such type of immigration visa process is quite lengthy and time taking but can lead to a direct resident permit to Canada.

The Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP)

The Provincial Nominee Programs is another route which is gaining an increasing popularity to immigration / visa to Canada. Many provinces of Canada like Ontario, British Columbia and few more have developed their personal or specific immigration programs that has lead to a fast paced processing of visa applications. There are certain norms in PNP category which are like, they requires that immigrant/ applicants to reside in the respective Provinces for which you have applied PNP after they arrive in Canada.  Also in some PNPs they require a job offer from a Canadian employer in order to qualify for live in Canada.

Well there are many other categories in having the successful immigration to Canada. We at First Step Immigration are looking forward to assist you with more detailed information on each category. Please visit us on www.firststepimmigration.com or comment in the box below.

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