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Canada Student Visa

March 14, 2021 ( 0 ) Comment

Being the global hub of education that Canada is today, international students from all the world over think about coming to Canada to pursue higher education and start their career of academic excellence. If you want to enrol yourself in a college in Canada, then the first step for that will be getting your hands on a Canada study permit. This permit actually functions as a Canada student visa and will be valid for the entire duration of your stay as a student. Now if you’re wondering about the procedure regarding getting one — our student visa consultant in Ahmedabad is here to tell you more about it:

  • The first and foremost thing that you will have to do, is getting your hands on a letter of acceptance from your college of choice (this college needs to be a recognized institution). If you are applying to Quebec then you also need a certificate of acceptance which is known as a CAQ, which is furnished by the Government of Quebec. These two documents as your visa consultant in Ahmedabad will tell you, hold the keys to your future as a student in Canada. If you’re wondering about how to obtain it, then let us tell you that it can be obtained by printing a form online or you can also ask your university about it, which will help you out on the subject.
  • The next step would be getting your hands on the Visa application package, via the CIC website or if you can go to your local visa office or even the Canadian embassy or consulate. Now it does sound like a lot of hassle doesn’t it — you can easily ask your student visa consultant in Ahmedabad to take care of this for you and the will arrange for all the necessary legal documents for you. Things like needing a temporary residence permit etc. can all be taken care of by him and you can easily avoid any complications that put a dent in your reconvening your study permit on time.
  • One of the additional things that you have to keep in mind or take care of are the questions that you may have to answer on the CIC website — that help in assessing whether you are eligible to apply for a Canada student permit or not (this, of course, stands true if you are submitting an online application) however, if you are taking the help of our Student Visa consultant, all of these things and much more will be taken care of.
  • Once you have fulfilled all the eligibility criteria, a checklist code will be sent out to you which is valid for 60 days and it will be essential for you for submitting your application online.
  • Post that, you will get all the relevant information regarding your documents that need to be uploaded and using a MyCIC account that you need to create you can upload all the necessary documents, which will ideally be taken care of by your Student Visa Consultant in Ahmedabad

For the best information and advice regarding Canada Immigration Services in Ahmedabad, you can reach out to us, so that we can ensure that you get your study permit for Canada in no time!

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