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Prevent Immigration Fraudulence

January 25, 2021 ( 0 ) Comment

If you have been aspiring about Canadian immigration, then it is a very valid and genuine struggle, do not be able to find or in fact, decide upon the right immigration consultants. To this end, as the best immigration consultant in Ahmedabad, we are going to talk about certain points, that helps you in choosing authentic immigration consultants and how to take measures to prevent any sort of immigration fraud.

Why is there such a concern you ask? Let us present to you some startling facts:

  • Almost 90% of immigration consultants that you will come across during your search, will end of misleading and cheating you, by claiming to provide immigration services as authorized representatives, when in reality they really aren’t.
  • Surprisingly, there are some renowned names in the immigration industry, that might claim to be official RCIC agents however, in reality, they can only provide documentation services and not representative services.
  • Another kind of immigration fraudulence you will come across by immigration consultant in Ahmedabad is that they might provide the services of RCIC agents, to clientele abroad, while not doing so in India.

If you are not aware of the fact, Canada, proposed the creation of a new regulatory body, that could help in circulating immigration consultants. The body created is known as the College of immigration and citizenship consultants, and of course, its main function, is the identification and aggregation of any sort of malpractices or shortened and behaviour indulged in by immigration consultants. Owing to the formation of this regulatory body, a lot of popular immigration agencies have been scrutinized, and are now facing litigation regarding the exploitation of foreign workers as well as students.

Looking at these points, you can understand why it is necessary to make sure that you prevent any sort of immigration fraud and only get genuine services from an authorised visa agent in Ahmedabad. The Canadian government, in fact, has been actively taking measures by introducing new regulations and other initiatives to make sure that there is no sort of immigration fraud being committed. The regulatory body known as the College of immigration and citizenship consultants is proof of this.

So coming down to the actual point is that you need to make sure of, they’re as follows:

  • Make sure that any agreement that you get into, needs to carry the name and number of the RCIC agent
  • Whatever agreement is drawn should be between the client and the immigration consultant in Ahmedabad who is licensed, and not the company.
  • There is a specific form known as form 5476, that has to be signed by the agent if he claims to be an RCIC agent.

So make sure that the 3 Clauses are adequately met before you get into any sort of dealing with an immigration company in the city. Now if you are wondering, how first time immigration can help you to this end, we can assure you that we have the right documentation to prove association with authentic RCIC agent services. We have been in the industry for a while now, and have been associated with the best immigration consultants in Ahmedabad, providing you with excellent services and paving the path for your dreams of Canadian immigration – a dream that you have been harbouring for long, and cannot wait to make it come true.

With such high aspirations and dreams, driving you forth, wanting to move to Canada is definitely something that deserves caution so as to avoid being done by a visa agent in Ahmedabad. If you are vigilant about the factors that we mentioned above, and ask any immigration agency for documentation pertaining to these criteria, and failing to do so, you would immediately be able to identify whether the agency is genuine or not. Hence, avoid being a part of any sort of immigration fraud, and reach out to us at first up immigration and we will help me move to Canada at the earliest, without any sort of hassles, and problems that can arise when you do not use an immigration agent, who is affiliated with the RCIC. So avoid the stress, and reach out to us.

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