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Welcome to Canada: Here’s everything you need to know.

Welcome to Canada: Here’s everything you need to know.

As you prepare to embrace your new home, it is important to know that some things are likely to be done differently than what you are accustomed to.

The country Canada lures a massive number of migrants to the country on an annual basis. The people in search of better opportunity, work, quality education, business slots and leisure time, travel to this progressive country of the world every year. Canada is best known for its immigration-friendly policies and laws and is the only country with the most systematic point-based system for the immigration policy. If you are planning to settle in Canada, you would require applying through one of the point-based immigration programs of Canada and they are;
Express Entry System
-Quebec Skilled Workers Program
-Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP’s) of various provinces

It is required by an individual or family to create an online profile and fill up the online application form to apply to any of these programs. However, for most of the showcased PNP’s, it is important to apply in both Express Entry and PNP simultaneously, as PNP’s most often choose their candidates from Express Entry Pool only.

Getting the affirmation of PR is an exciting milestone in one’s life and once all the required paperwork (including the required verification and medical), you will deal with your good and landing certificates, once you land to this friendly country. Once the passport and visa papers are produced to Immigration authorities at the point of arrival, the form of a variety of documents such as Social Insurance Number (SIN) card, an application form for a driver’s licence and a health care card will be provided. Most importantly, you will be given a form for Permanent Resident Card (PR Card), which is proof that you are a legal resident of Canada.

How to settle in Canada with family from India?
Immigrating to Canada with family requires more precision while applying for Canadian PR. You may apply to the key Immigration process i.e. QWSP, where you score for the credential of your spouse as well. However, it is required to submit the health and character of each member separately. The Federal Express Entry System and QWSP (Quebec Skilled Workers Program are two of the best Programs for Canada Immigration with family.
It is suggested to coordinate with an Immigration Advisory Company for safe and trouble-free Immigration Experience from India to Canada. For instance, if you contact the First Step Immigration Procedure,Canada Immigration Consultant Ahmedabad we not only assure that you apply for visa in a hassle-free manner and get approval in time but also make sure that you and your family get the proper session to get best equipped for settlement in Canada. The professionals at the First Step Immigration provide you key tips about pre and post landing needs in Canada, housing option to be looked into. Federal benefits and services for new immigrants. Immigrant Serving Organizations available in Canada and many such crucial things.

-There will be two levels of screening: Provincial and Federal
-You can immigrate as ‘temporary resident’ and further become PR while filing the residency directly from the country.
-The common visas are:
Student Visa: Allows you to study
Young Professionals Permit: Allows you to work or simply stay and travel.
Temporary Foreign Worker Permit: Standard Permit for working with a designated employer.
-In order to become PR, you must apply for your PR card. This status gives almost all the same rights as Canadians, except the right to vote. You can only apply for citizenship after living in the country for 4 years.

Visit the First Step Immigration or our website to get the detailed descriptions with regard to individual visa categories/ Immigration programs in Canada and eligible requirements for the same.

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