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Immigrating to Canada

November 5, 2019 ( 0 ) Comment

Wanting to move to Canada is something not unheard-of since, it’s ranked really high up in the index when it comes to the quality of living it provides, even in the year 2019. Counting various parameters and factors, Canada is right there on the top-ranking number one when it comes to the quality of life, it’s the second-best country when talking about citizenship and literally the third-best country in the world when it comes to other general parameters.

Now when it comes to questions about immigration the best provider of Canada Immigration services in Ahmedabad, we can tell you that – Canada is really easy to migrate to, to be honest. In fact, since the Canadian government has really ambitious plans about inviting over a million people to reside permanently in the country by the year 2021, which means over 30 lakh immigrants would be joining in by invitation this year. With different immigration programs such as Express Entry, PNP etc. In case you can best imagine that the chances of you getting into Canada are quite high!

Now coming to a pertinent question about the easiest ways you can get into Canada, as the top Visa Consultant in Ahmedabad can tell you that there are two relevant paths in this respect that can help you get to Canada in on a permanent basis. These include the Express Entry Program and Provincial Nominee Program.

Now talking about the Express Entry Program, as the name suggests its one of the fastest way as well as the best ways to get permanent residency to Canada if your application is successful. This program generally allots them points on the basis of different criteria and factors such as your age, work experience, education, language ability etc.

The Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada or IRCC are responsible for these draws and launches a draw every fortnight to invite candidates that are top-scoring, to apply for a Permanent Residency or PR in Canada. The main factoring age when it comes to the express entry program that is based on a Comprehensive Ranking System or CRS, which allot you the score of the basis of the aforementioned criteria. According to the latest draw, the CRS score has been deemed to be 454 Point as a minimum from the IRCC. SO if you score 454 Point for Above, you will be eligible for Canadian Permanent Residency through the express entry system.

Now coming to the PNP Program, it is even more relevant if you haven’t been able to score too high for the express entry draw. PNP program is particular to Canadian territories and provinces, and they can nominate individuals that they think would be valuable to their community and can add to their economy. There are about eighty steams of immigration that is covered under the PNP program and if you fit any of the criteria moving to Canada can become much easier for you.

So there you have it, here are two main kinds of programs that can help you in immigrating to Canada. So rush to your visa consultant in Ahmedabad, who can help you decide, which way would suit your needs best.

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