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In order to Study abroad in Canada, you will need to get a Canadian study permit, which basically serves as a Canadian student visa for the duration of your stay. Any Canada student visa consultant in Ahmedabad will tell you that you will not need a Canadian Study permit if your course or program is going to last for six months or less. Nevertheless, it is a really good idea to apply for a permit before you reach Canada anyway just in case you decide that you want to continue further studies in Canada in any other program – because in case you do not as the top Canada student visa consultant in Ahmedabad we need to warn you that in such a scenario you would have to leave Canada and then apply for study permit through a Visa office.

Once you would do have a Canadian study permit, if you want to renew it, you can easily do so from within Canada – and continue on with your studies. For full-time students who are registered at an accredited higher education institution – as a Canada visa consultant in Ahmedabad, we must tell you that – having a study permit also allows you to work in your college campus part-time. You will also be eligible to work off-campus, as a co-op or intern, as part of your program what is better is that you will also be eligible to stay in Canada as a permanent resident or find a permanent job after you graduate.

When trying to apply for a Canadian study permit, be it online or through a paper application, you can do it from the Citizen and Immigration Canada (CIC) website. As the top Canada Immigration Consultant in Ahmedabad, we can tell you that paper applications generally tend to take twice as long in comparison, hence it is best advised that you check your processing time well in advance, so as to avoid any last-minute delays. In order to apply online, it is best advised that you will need a credit or a debit card and also the ability to create electronic copies of all the supporting documents that are needed by you (for which you can use a scanner or a camera).

If you hire a Canada student visa consultant in Ahmedabad, all this gets a whole lot easier as the specialist can take care of all your needs when the visa office in your country provides specific instructions about the kind of documents that you will need to provide and all this can vary according to your location. So if you need any assistance – we are the best Canada visa consultant in Ahmedabad.

There is also an option for students from China, India, Philippines and Vietnam to be able to apply for a Canadian study permit via the option of Student Direct Stream which allows you to get a study permit much faster. The requirements for this, as a good Canada student visa consultant I Ahmedabad will tell you is quite similar to regular study permit, the only difference is that there are stricter language requirements here. This means that your IELTS score needs to be at least a 6 or 7 in the Niveaux the Compétence Linguistique Canadiens for French or you could have graduated from a high school that has had a Canadian high school curriculum.

In case, you do not meet the requirement for the Student Direct Stream option but you do meet the requirements for a regular study permit then your application will actually be reviewed for a regular study permit option and you will not get faster processing. Hence, it is best that if you want to avail this option you better go through a Canada Student Visa Consultant in Ahmedabad as he will be able to guide you through this procedure in a thorough manner.

To gain a student visa for Canada, going through a visa consultant is the best option, since having the assistance of a professional reduces your chances for a rejection or any other hassles quite significantly. Hence it is best advised that you come to us at First Step Immigration to avail our Canada Student Visa in Ahmedabad services.

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