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August 18, 2020 ( 0 ) Comment

Despite the kind of havoc that has been wrecked globally due to the coronavirus pandemic and the kind of travel restrictions that have been imposed across the globe – Canada has managed to issue much more ITAs for Express Entry this year as compared to any other. When on the lookout to immigrate and begin a new life – as one of the top 10 immigration consultants in Ahmedabad, First Step Immigration here to tell you why right now is the ideal time to be moving to Canada.

In this troubled year alone, the Canadian Federal Government has issued about 61,850 invitations to eligible candidates for a Canadian PR. As the numbers continue to rise, here are a few factors that make it ideal for you to be looking at moving to Canada:

Great for Students:

In 2019 alone, we are happy to inform you, as one of the best immigration services in Ahmedabad, that Canada hosted over 650,000 International students for post-secondary education. What is even better is that almost 58,000 former international students also granted a Canadian PR. Despite the pandemic, Canada continues to provide adequate support for international students and the government is taking continual measures so that applying for a Canadian study permit, becomes a breeze.

In the year 2020, more than 67,000 international students from across the globe have been welcomed into Canada already. Since getting to study in Canada also opens up your door for Canadian PR – going in to study at a world-class institution in Canada is always a great idea.

Booming Economy:

As per a recent report from Statistics Canada, Canada has been bouncing back from the economic slump and has managed to add more than 1 million jobs in June alone.

Chart 1: Employment gains continue in June
Source: Statistics Canada

You don’t need to be from the Canada immigration office in Ahmedabad to know that a strong economy and open job market means that the need for immigrant workers in Canada increases significantly. This, of course, translates to great news for prospective PR or work permit seekers for the country. Whether you are looking to get in through a provincial nominee program or a Federal Immigration Program, First Step Immigration what is the best way to go forward.

Another great news, of course, is that the regular express entry draws is that issue invitations to apply to candidates have now been resumed across all the categories including FSW and FST. Even various provinces have now amped up their immigrants’ intake through the PNP program. He was taking a look at how immigration in Canada has picked up by the month of June as opposed to the slump that it was experiencing due to the various lockdowns.

Your Dream Home:

As the top immigration consultant in Ahmedabad, we can tell you that when you compare it to the United States, wherein you probably have to wait for years before you can think of a PR, the immigration system in Canada is quite different. You can apply for a PR directly if you are a skilled worker and qualify for the program.

Once you get a PR in Canada, you will be allowed to live and work anywhere in the country as well as access to coveted Canadian universal healthcare and other social services. Yes, if you have been thinking about moving to Canada and making it your forever home, the country is going to give you the perfect opportunity to do so.

Living the Good Life in Canada:

Providing you with the immigration services in Ahmedabad, we can tell you that Canada has been seeing a steady influx of immigrants over the past few years. Comparing it from statistics over the last 5 years Canada’s immigration numbers rose by 26%

When we compare this to nearby countries, like the United States which has seen the number decreased by almost 7% and as the immigration policies of the USA continue to become hostile, Canada is definitely the new place to start off your dream life. Given the coronavirus pandemic and how the policies of countries have become even more restrictive Canada, on the other hand, is still welcoming immigrants at an unprecedented number. Thus, First Step Immigration is here to make sure that you achieve your dreams of immigrating to Canada and start your new life afresh.

Immigration Rates are Increasing Every Month:

Despite the coronavirus pandemic and the travel ban is further followed, immigration to Canada has been seeing a steady increase over the last few months. While the month of April saw only 4000 PR, the month of me ended up welcoming almost 11,000 newcomers. This number has only gone up in June and over 20,000 migrants have been accepted for June. As the numbers continue to rise this is definitely the right time to apply to the Canada immigration office Ahmedabad. Of course, we know with the international travel ban still in place even if you do receive a confirmation for permanent residence, it is difficult to travel to Canada, however even with all these social distancing measures in place, India continues to be the top immigration source country so far.

So as the migration system continues to normalise, more and more people are now able to overcome the challenge that is posed by COVID-19. Even during the pandemic the Express Entry Draw is that a biweekly has still continued, and almost every two weeks Canada has been issuing ITAs to almost a number of 4000. As a top immigration consultant in Ahmedabad, we know that applying to Canada even at this junction is the right decision as the chances of being accepted are high, with Canada still considering its pre-pandemic immigration policies.

First Step Immigration, want to help you with all your queries and needs regarding immigrating to Canada and we will ensure that you have a smooth hassle-free experience. Talk to us and get the process started for your new life in Canada.

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