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    Yukon's Opportunity: Eligibility & Application Insights

    The Yukon Community Pilot (YCP) is an immigration initiative started by Yukon, a province in Canada’s northern territory. The Yukon Nominee Program (YNP), which is a component of the YCP, employs an innovative approach to immigration by assisting those who have received a provincial nomination in obtaining a unique kind of work permit that enables them to work for various employers in a Yukon town that is a participant. It is planned for the trial to last from January 2020 to June 2023.

    Frequently, applicants must wait more than a year for their federal application for permanent residence to be processed after getting a provincial nomination. Certain PNP streams allow applicants to file for a closed work permit during this period so they can work in the province for a single employer while awaiting a decision on their PR. This program the nominees of Yukon the flexibility of instead of being tied up to a single employer, they can work for multiple employers. So, the nominees can work on multiple part-time jobs, and help fulfil the requirement of labour to the communities in question.

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    Requirements of Yukon Pilot Programme

    The following requirements should be met in order to apply for YCP:

    • You need to have 2-3 eligible job offers.
    • All the jobs should combine and ultimately should have a maximum of 30 hours per week (the job will be considered full-time).
    • The job must be non-seasonal, which means you have to be consistent for the whole year.
    • The wage shall meet the equivalence or exceed the minimum wage.
    • The work experience must be genuine and substantiate that you can perform all the duties sufficiently.
    • The letter of support from the Yukon government.
    • Must suffice the requirements of obtaining a work permit.
    • A copy of the document of nomination from the Yukon government attesting to your nomination for permanent residence
    • A written letter of support from the Yukon government states: that the employers who are offering you the jobs need you to start working in the community right away; that the job offers are real; and the specifics of the job offers, including names of the employers, occupations, number of hours, and job locations.

    Canada Yukon Community Pilot Program Work Process

    Step 1

    Consultation in applying and obtaining an ECA report.

    Step 2

    Filing for open work permit after selection.

    Step 3

    Issuance of job offers and post-arrival services.

    Benefits of Pilot Programme

    The Yukon Community Pilot Program offers newcomers numerous advantages, including:

    • No academic requirements.
    • No proficiency in language is required (IELTS Not required).
    • The LMIA does not need to approve the employment offer (LMIA exemptional subsection R205a).
    • If the primary applicant gets a job offer under NOC Skill level O, A, or B, the spouse may submit an application for an open work permit in Canada.
    • No requirements for proof of funds.
    • The candidate will be qualified to obtain permanent residence in Canada.
    • Multiple part-time jobs from three separate employers may be the job offer.
    • The validity of the YCP employment permit is two years.
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